What is ‘narcissism’?

In a colloquial sense:

A narcissist is a person who literally does almost everything to enhance himself.And who does this because life would otherwise be of little tolerable for him. And who can’t change the feelings of others. However, this alone does not say much about whether his behaviour will ultimately have a primarily positive (benign) or negative (malignant) effect on him and others. Narcissism only becomes a problem when its posture and behaviors have a negative impact. for example

  1. If someone, because of his narcissism, achieves that he/she finally wins a Nobel prize or writes enormously influential books, then that is fine.

Provided, however, that she/he abused other people for this success. Unfortunately, this is what happens very often in narcissists

  • If someone needs more than 100,000 followers, or joins Germany’s next Topmodel, founds a company, or builds the first electric vehicle: good!
  • … as long as this does not become exaggerated or even an end in itself, as is typical of narcissists …

  • If he achieves it by accumulating money and/or power without end, without taking responsibility for how and wealth: quite problematic, as is often seen in the USA.
  • If he can only enhance himself by harming others, bullying them, and weakening them: very bad
  • Unfortunately, there are far fewer geniuses than there are narcissists.That makes things difficult. Add to this the fact that the hunger for admiration is never really to be satisfied. The majority of narcissists therefore have to strip off quite a bit, make a lot of noise around themselves, and unfortunately all too often: quite nasty, sometimes even ruthlessly tricking in order to get the attention or admiration that is necessary for them to survive. There are therefore, among other things, many forklifts among the narcissists, but unfortunately also many of those who keep their personal environment, work colleagues, friends, partners, and even their children, often hidden and without making it visible to others, as small as possible, they even regularly bully and humiliate them, and thus destroy their self-esteem in the long run. The most recently described, often referred to as ‘hidden’, type of narcissism is much more common in women who use it to burden their children from birth, while the high-stacking, grandiose type is much more common in men.
    On a malignant narcissist, usually several injured persons come, narcissists often pull a carpet of a psychological and social devastation that is barely visible to most from the outside.Victims are often so badly harmed that, without the support of others, they find little way out of their suffering, and suffer from it for years to decades. Fortunately, specialised forms of psychotherapy emerged as well as self-help and discussion groups (including on Quora), which are able to significantly shorten these often surprisingly similar pathways of suffering.

    In a narrower, psychodiagnostic sense:

    If enough of the characteristics described in the two diagnostic manuals DSM-5 or ICD-10 are true.

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