What is most overrated according to you?

A randomly ordered list.

  • The power of the Dutch prime minister and the French President
  • The degree of empathy in human nature
  • Nollywood
  • The impact of hard work on results
  • The integrity of MKB’ers
  • The kinship of Dutch dialects
  • The international celebrity of Dutch acts singing English
  • The international celebrity of any Dutch actor/actress or singer (es) coming 5 minutes into a Hollywood production
  • The (moral) goodness of your own friends versus others
  • Studies analysing socio-societal phenomena without playing an active role such as journalism, sociology, political science and social geography


Like the Dutch (men’s) orange football: whether they’re peaks too early, or they don’t peaks at all.

There are sufficient reasons to take the Chinese “Wirtschaftswunder” with a grain of salt, including military aspirations.

Regional competitors

Both India and Japan are serious bumps on the way to Chinese domination, the one is also a country with a billion inhabitants and an emerging regional power, the other is a technocratic superpower that also does not go ununemployed to see how the Japanese interests Be impaired.

In addition, we can say that Vietnam, South Korea, the Philippines and Taiwan are also not certain boyfriends with Beijing.China has a lot of dissatisfied neighbours, who are then willing to thwart its ambitions and cooperate with the United States.

Pakistan, Russia and North Korea are allies, but their support should not be overestimated.Russia is also fragile internally and a lot less strong than it wants to make it believe. Pakistan is a drop on a glowing plate of support and North Korea is rather a burden than a support for Beijing.

Economic fragility

China has pursued an aggressive policy to recruit influence.This is also partly from the Chinese culture, where other countries are regarded as vassals and must grant or beg for favours. In Many centuries China has not or never had an equivalent ally.

This undoubtedly plays in their toleration of intellectual theft and ridiculous demands such as: You may do business in China, in exchange for trade secrets.Also, their operations in Africa can be fairly reasonably classifying as a modern form of colonialism.

This avenges itself, now that the United States is halting this unfair competition, which has cost its many astronomical sums for the benefit of the Chinese position.It is quite logical for President Trump to tighten the bank screws and to turn the unfair competition into the guard.

China has little chance of winning the trade war.The Europeans are reasonably divided and support America in most of the pain points. The Chinese export is much more dependent on the V. S than the other way around. An economic attrition is not going to win China, no matter how damaging to the U.S. and the world.

Also internally, China’s economic strength may be a lot more fragile than we would think.The government controls data such as unemployment and keeps the direction tightly in order to prevent unwanted information and distrust. But many prosperous people emigrate to overseas soon!

Military impact Force

This dog barks and can also do bite, but especially his teeth piece.China is making a huge amount of money in modernising its armed forces. It is lagging behind in technology. Their first aircraft carrier is operational and they also plan nuclear carrers.

Yet there are many childhood illnesses and the lack of experience in maritime warfare and modern combat is something that is not offset by money. Creating a technologically level playing field is one, the skill and experience it has to employ militarily successfully is another story.

In conclusion

China has attracted too big pants and now has to make all the sails to survive.Or rather: Take a sail and try to do some water with the wine without a loss Of sight. For whoever wins in a confrontation, China will be mostly among the losers.

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Beauty.I find character more important.

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