What is most important to you in life and why is that so?

Satisfaction in life.Satisfaction in the work I do, being challenged to continually improve me and to be able to take steps to develop further. Satisfaction from my family, comfortable enough can live to enjoy the time with each other.

If I do not have that satisfaction on a plane, I have to compensate elsewhere.I do not suffer much from this.

What is most important in my life, is the fact that I still live.Immediately thereafter this is followed by who is the most important in my life.

In 2016 I have been operated twice within a short time.In both cases, it involved surgery under full anaesthetic, and in both cases my heart seems to have stopped. I still tap here my answers, so it stayed with almost, but that has radically changed my outlook on life.

Whoever is most important in my life, is not my family.The only thing left, which I am still talking about, is the ocean crossed. I’ve been together with my girlfriend for almost 28 years. She is the 芒 鈧?虄wie芒 鈧劉 which is most important to me. Without her I would not be able to be (become) who I am now.

I think that this is the positive relationship with friendly people, but at least 脙 漏 脙 漏 N Stable basis is necessary.That is someone I can trust, and I can occasionally safely express my problems and feelings, which I only dare to do since a while. It seems to restore my negative self-image. For me, self-acceptance, relaxation and convenience are the most important. I hate stress, I can only resist. In addition, it is important for me that I have my own house, where I can do and leave what I want. Financially it should be okay, and I like the idea that a lot of people are allowed me and I love a lot of distraction and variation in life.

A combination of these things is surely what is most important to me in my life. It really should be a combination, otherwise my sanity will soon deteriorate.

Be happy.

Being happy is the greatest wisdom, says a character from one of my favorite books (fantasy series by Jacqueline Carey).

I think that’s the most important thing in life.

I do see this in a greater context than 芒 鈧?艙that which makes me happy today, 芒 鈧?by the way.That’s short-term thinking which rarely works long-lived. That which makes me happy today can be very bad for me.

So it’s not 芒 鈧?艙i just want to do things I’m happy with, 芒 鈧?but 芒 鈧?艙i want to lead a life that leads to as many moments of happiness as possible. 芒 鈧?/p>

I have to manage, incidentally, because I am very very ill (very serious form of chronic fatigue), so my happiness is no longer dependent on jobs and hobbies and friends.I now find my happiness mainly with my wife, in sadly forced small but very many happy moments.

In two years we will move to the Netherlands.That will increase my feeling of happiness.

Enjoyment, that is the most important thing in life for me.I am naturally not so鈩?n Enjoyer and my glass is often half empty. I am such a realist that I realise that it is half empty because I have already drunk it, and I do want to know how it has tasted.

Because I have now arranged my life so that I have absolute freedom in terms of living, working and doing what I feel like, I have actually achieved at ultimate enjoyment.

Although life always has stressful moments or less fun moments, the days of enjoyment now prevail, and that was previously different.

With before I mean: Before I became a nomade and hopeless at home I was thinking how I now had to write TIG cover letters to keep my allowance.Or even more so: accountability to an employer.

I enjoy absolute freedom, and that is very important to me.I am a privileged and happy person.

The most important thing in my life is to find peace by finding an interpretation that captivates me.A job that 脟ava is in IT and also voluntarily accompany young people. To keep my bipolarity under control.

With me it is most important to constantly try to get to know myself ever better.For me, self-knowledge is a solution to many problems. And this can occasionally be very confrontational. For it does not only exist with me from recognizing the good in me, but also the bad. It teaches me to take responsibility for all my actions. What many of my setbacks explained, because I was largely influenced by myself. Also, this teaches me to accept what is not perfect to me. Or it opens doors how I can develop myself further in my strengths and weaknesses. I no longer just blame the world for anything that goes wrong, but I see how it went wrong on my part and what I can do about it to solve it. Also, the satisfaction of doing something good is stronger. And by learning to know myself, I also get to know others better. I can see what other hide or not, because I can see a part of myself in it. And I do not judge them, because that makes me hypocritical. I don’t put people better on a pedestal, but I acknowledge that they are working hard and that I can learn some of them too. I also know now that I have to approach a discussion with the idea that chances are that he/she knows things that I do not know, and that I can also be wrong. I have a ring and then the words 芒 鈧?虄Gnothi Seauton芒 鈧劉 engraved. This means 芒 鈧?虄Ken Uzelf芒 鈧劉. I believe that a big part of the bad behavior in the world, comes from uncertainty. Also the desire for wealth and lust. This creates a lot of emptiness in one’s life. Knowing yourself at a deeper level ensures that doors are opened to the solutions of your negative feelings. They also teach the importance of hard work and there are for your environment, and how satisfying it can be. I therefore find it strange that schools only focus on substance, but rather pay little attention to personal development. Beware of HBO It comes a bit in front. Students learn their strengths and weaknesses in group work, but this is also the area of one’s character. As children from childhood learned the importance of looking in the mirror and taking responsibility, the world was a better place. I’m only 19, and I bale a bit that I couldn’t learn this before. It is quite possible that you disagree with me, but this is my vision of life now. BTW I have a writing skill of a 12 year old, apologies for that.

The break of misfortune at the moment is important. What is still important in life varies from time to time, things change, values change, you changed and what was once important may not be so important over time, so live Right away.

Mine headline follow, and who’s left after all I’ve already undertaken so far in life.And continue. There are so many things to do:P

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