What is meant by ‘0815’? Where does the term come from?

08/15 (phrase)

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08/15 (pronounced “zero-eight-fifteen”, also “zero-eight-fifths” or “zero-eight-five-five-ten”) is a colloquial phrase and is used deroderingly.


The term is common in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol and can be meant value-free or pejoratively or be understood. The term is used in the sense of “quite ordinary”, “not special”, “average”, “mean” or “not worth mentioning”. Under Duden | Home page will be “bar of any originality, personal touch; on a pattern that has become commonplace and therefore causing boredom or fatigue’.This phrase is used to indicate the outdated or inferior. This includes the reference to “cheap” if it is to express the standard or ordinary.The application is carried out as an “indeclinable adjective” and the expression has no form of increase.




MG 08/15

There are two explanations for the origin of the phrase, both related to the machine gun 08/15:

  1. The first approach[1″ refers to the fact that during the First World War the German soldiers had to complete a lengthy and monotonous training with this machine gun every day.

Thus, the name 08/15 stood for boring routines among the soldiers, of which they had long grown weary.

  • Another explanation goes back to the length of the First World War and is related to the quality of the weapons.
  • 08/15 represents the year of introduction of the original model MG 08, 1908, and 1915, the year of further development.These figures have been hammered into the arms. From the time of introduction of the MG 08/15, the material quality and the frequency of errors decreased. With statements such as “The weapon is 08/15!” the soldiers would have coined the meaning “of low quality”.

    It is possible that both aspects played a role in the creation of the phrase.


    It was one of the first bestsellers of the Federal Republic and was filmed in the sameyear.

  • In 1993, Vobis Microcomputer AG introduced a series of low-cost PCs called Highscreen 08/15-Series, with a workhorseas its logo. [2[3
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