What is lust and how do you deal with it from a spiritual point of view?

What is lust and how do you deal with it from a spiritual point of view?

At first glance I think of sexual lust.The lust is the sexual pleasure.

There is also appetite, lust for power, fighting spirit, and so on.

In All Lust There is a surrender to the enjoyment.As a surrender, lust is of course a spiritual experience. The surrender is letting go. In the sex can then blur the boundaries between yourself and the other. In The fighting spirit, you are freed from your fear of death and go beyond the boundary of good and evil. It is a complete surrender.

There are spiritual ways that see the sexuality or the fight as the true way.

In power lust, appetite, and also in the lust for not eating, anorexia or asceticism, you can also go too far.You will also cross a border.

In Spirituality This crossing of a border is an important experience.Entering the other world. The Touch of the holy. This can be well experienced at the death of a loved one, who is untouchable and at the same time touched. I am experiencing the sacred. Jung would say the ominous, the terrible overwhelming great of death.

I also think that some serial killers become addicted to the murders, by crossing that boundary between life and death. Murder Lust.

In the sex and the fight there is a meeting with the other, and it also gives you a real intoxication.Substances are released that give a feeling of happiness. Here is rather a link with drug use than with appetite. Although the food also gives a satisfied feeling.

Many religions learn that asceticism is the true way. Anorexia also gives a certain intoxication, and you can also die off so that you leave this world prematurely to experience the reality of the afterlife.Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and even Taoism all have a negative outlook on life. The great zest for life (!) of man gives a twist to these religions, so that in practice they have a positive outlook on life.

Of all the spiritual ways, the Sexualteit is the way that naturally embraces life completely.It is the life-creating power. There is also nothing like good sex, where you share the pleasure with another in love.

Tantrism all teaches sexual techniques, but as Hindu teachings it is ultimately about subsiking and liberation from attachment to the illusion of this life.

I think that the path of sexuality, not just a path of liberation from life but of fulfillment of life. If away it is not an answer but a question, a possibility to experienced.Besides the love there is the jealousy, the lack, the fear that your children come to something and much more. This is then the way you go.

In the sexual way you see yourself mainly as a sexual being, while you see yourself in the religious way as a believer.If you follow a scientific path, you will see yourself mainly as thinking creature.

Perhaps the three aspects, thinking, feeling and believing, together make you a complete human being.

Lust is the desire for sexual gratification and often more sexual stimulation.

Lust has a fairly neutral or positive meaning in Dutch perception, but is also used to denote unhealthy or ethically objectionable sexual desire, in religious or conservative groups.

In modern times, however, it is acknowledged that the Bible is a lot more positive about eroticism and lust than we suspect.For example, the Book of Song is an erotic work, in which sexual aspects and actions are communicated in poetic form, such as (oral) sex, masturbation, genitals, fantasy and sexual arousal.

It can also be noted that Jesus does not in fact condemn sexual fantasy or lust as such, but when our desire and thought threatens relational integrity.The word “lust” is sexually understood here in translations, but was actually meant to be a much broader term: putting your senses on something of another, like a woman.

One may wonder or fantasize about someone who is clearly unavailable at all times would be an ethical abject activity, as well as being reasoned from Christian principles of relational integrity.It is mainly about an inner striving, to respect relationships and to seek the good for all. Fantasy is something human that is distinguishable from reality but does indeed require some maturity to handle.

As long as fantasy and desire does not lead to a life of its own, and you do not motivate yourself to harm your personal relationships and those of others, it can be a functional means to regulate sexual stimuli and tensions.As long as your priorities are in order and consistently do justice to your own partner and relationships it is not something to be very spasmodic about doing so. Sexual and relational integrity is what is different from prudery or visual and mental castration. Then the biblical intent is drawn from its context.

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