What is liver cirrhosis?

The drawings are by the wonderful Jean Baptiste Marc Bourgery (1797-1849).He lived far too short.

the liver is a true marvel.

Everything we eat,

what the intestine absorbs,

goes first to the liver.


i need that now, to bring it to where it is needed

later,I have to store

different,I have to rebuild,

that does not,must get out.

without them, our hormone balance is a single mess

and we poison.

We can’t digest fats either.

without the liver

It’s not possible.

It is a delicate factory inside

with countless courses

and tubes.

If we overwhelm them

for example due to too much alcohol

over a long period of time

must accumulate garbage.

Alcohol is toxic.

she must always remove it first.

the fat, for example, that has to wait.

is therefore storedin the liver.

it doesn’t belong there.

then we have a fatty liver.

at some point, the

and may not heal any more.

that does not happen to every sucker

but it can happen.

the liver then forms inner connectivetissue,

similar to scars.

then there is less and less of the fine tissue

with the liver cellsthat work and detoxify.

the existing tissue is useless sticky stuff.

this is not just about sgetting.

it may be caused by hepatitis, especially the B and C,

which you can get through blood and sex.

use condoms.

There are other reasons, but they are not so common.

you can’t cure liver cyrrhose

but you can stopthem.

you then have to change your lifestyle and live healthy lives.

like, your doctor tells you.

in any case, never more alcohol.

then the cyrrhose stops. If all goes well.

whoever continues like this dies from it.

he gets signs and symptoms

he may have

  • yellow skin and eyeballs ( Ikterus)
  • red glossy tongue or lips (lacquer tongue, lacquer lips)
  • spider-like small red skin signs ( spider naevi)
  • a man can femininity, gets a breast
  • a woman may be male-
  • a man can get a belly baldness
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Varicose veins on the abdomen
  • Varicose veins on the esophagus (if they break, you die, common death)
  • Bleeding tendency
  • severe fatigue
  • bright bowel movement
  • Dark urine

the liver does not hurt.

therefore, liver diseases are not always detected early.

they say:

Fatigue is the cry of the liver.

.later everything gets confused.

nothing works anymore.

but we are not dealing with that here.

it is a deadly disease.

Take care of your liver.

you only have one.

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