What is life like as an unattractive woman?

From the point of view of a consultant who has a lot to do with people’s problems:

There is little worse than being a truly unattractive woman.The question now is always how to define “unattractive”.

On the one hand, of course, there is the appearance.Clearly a young and sexy woman has all the possibilities in the world.

  • Almost infinite possibilities in partner selection
  • Easier access to the labour market
  • Better job offers or

better pay for the same job

  • Rarely to never involuntarily alone
  • Access to the really good men (those who all want women)
  • Why is that?Because ALL men from 15 – 85 want exactly the same type of woman. About the early 20s and about as looking like original Barbie. The closer to the original, the better.

    So, that was the good side.But what happens through the passage of time?

    Through time, EVERY woman eventually becomes outwardly unattractive.Some already at 30. Others at 40. Almost all with 50+. This is the course of nature, as we find attractive, which is maximum fertile. Even if we don’t want children, our stem brain doesn’t matter. It wants sex with a frivolous = attractive woman in order to father as high-quality children as possible.

    This brings us to the second big plus for women.Women have children and that’s what sexuality is for. This means that even outwardly unattractive women always have something to offer a man. namely:

    1. Sex
    2. Children

    Even if a woman doesn’t look like a model now, she can still be sexy and have a high value for her husband.She can have children and have a high value for her family. This high value is also far more persistent over time than just the outer appearance. Because it’s often not more anyway. Make-up, suspenders, high heels make the woman seemingly more attractive, but not really. And, above all, not in the long run.

    The drama begins when a woman has become truly unattractive.So, for example, over 40, has no children and can no longer have children. It is very, very difficult for this woman to find a good partner. Today, in every major city, there are an incredible number of such women in any portal for partner search. But few interested men! Why is explained by the above presentation.

    For the female readers, explained again for safety.Why should a man tie himself to a woman when, in her best years (15-35), she did not want a relationship with a man, did not have children with him?

    Answer: Because otherwise he doesn’t get a better woman.

    Problem: This is exactly the type of man you don’t want.And it is precisely with this type (or 15 cats) that the journey ends with approx. Mid-40s. And what about the 30 years from 45 to 75+ that probably lasts at least? This may be a very long, very lonely time.

    So the circle closes here: “There is little worse than being a truly unattractive woman.”

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