What is legal at the moment, but should it not be?

That rent fraudsters can hop from apartment to apartment for years, let everything mold and ruin there and enjoy full tenant protection, even though they have never paid a penny rent and never had the intention, but take advantage of it when they keep going in flats Unsuspecting people meet who take them out of compassion and believe it when the rental fraudster says was already at the office who pay my rent.

Anyone who goes to a store to steal is treated as a fraudster.Anyone who causes up to EUR 25 000 in damage to a landlord will continue to have tenant protection simply because they have taken advantage of someone’s good faith.

If he is familiar with these laws, he can financially ruin a landlord and host guests in the apartment, nor offer as a hotel, not be present for the lawyer’s post office by removing the name plate.He is allowed to run the hot water for hours in the tub, fry the cheese directly on the ceramic field oven – without a pan – all carpets and the parquet, let the heating of winter run like summer on sauna operation, attack the landlord and still has protection of the housing, if he is demonstrably nowhere else to find an apartment until he is removed after a year with the bailiff.

The landlord has to pay all the tenant’s debts because he owns it.If he can no longer pay the lawyer and the tenant’s debts, however, he can be threatened at any time with the forced eviction of his apartment, because there is something to fetch there. There is something that can be taken away from the landlord, property that can be squandered and with the rest he has to look for an apartment himself.

Failed by the good faith that a young man would also request and pass on the money from the office, the landlord may be.even to the social case, if he cannot bear the costs and is exhausted by the struggles for his right and incapacitated, as a victim insulted by the rental fraudster, he must watch the foreclosure of his inherited property and the fraudster needs despite the arrest warrant and Titles over 30 years don’t fear anything.

The fraudster takes a job for three months, promising to pay the bailiff the instalment payment after three months, which he does not, and in another city long ago “renting” into a new shared room.

Before the bailiff is allowed to exchange the keys, he has already driven the next landlord into ruin or to take out a loan from the bank, which the landlord can no longer generate with the apartment, which the fraudster then leaves behind.

A rental fraudster does not have to be afraid of a prison sentence, because the landlord would have to pay 150,- Euro per day for the duration of his imprisonment.

If a young man doesn’t mind getting debt collection letters everywhere for his various scams in the mailbox, he can live for years princely.He does his own business through the letterbox of neighbors and friends, which he lets take part in his scams via eBay in return.

My rental fraudster has apparently found shelter in a new apartment with a new fitted kitchen, then posting pictures of himself on Facebook in the chic apartment and for a while a young girl or several can win over him all up to the Love self-sacrifice, go for him as a hairdresser or otherwise buy him clothes and cook him until he moves on to another city, to a new apartment, to a new apartment, to a new girl, to new adventures and meanwhile lets himself be moved from Give his father cars with which he poses on Facebook and finds a new girlfriend who takes care of him until he disappears, to a new city, to a new love, to a new apartment, to a new victim….And always so on.

There are no laws that can prevent him from going on forever as long as he is young, has the legal counsel from his father’s company, and the prisons are overcrowded, and no one wants to pay for it.

When he meets people he has raped or cheated until they are tempted to pursue him with self-justification, he flees to psychiatry and claims to be suicidal again.There he is plucked up until he has found a new love in a new city via new Facebook posts and a new unsuspecting landlord who wants to give the nice young man a chance …

If he wants to settle and be honest at some point, he will go to debtor counselling and file for bankruptcy, and he can keep his wage until the fixed life minimum and build a modest existence for the rest of his life as an honorable citizen.

After – don’t know how many years – his debts are time-barred and his former landlords have given up hoping for money, his girls have dried their tears and found another, or have also fallen into bad hands and on the wrong track.

All those involved have learned to trust no one who cannot prove a solid job.

But the fraudster can “work” for a few more decades as a girl dealer in the urban jungle or – like Donald Trump’s father – build up big with brothels in America with everything he has learned from those years.

Those who have survived long enough without a conscience have learned all the techniques to play the victim in the social system until they are rich enough to join the very great criminals of the world.

Then he can still be elected president with the concerns of the little man and a gilded apartment.Who knows, if the Russian oligarchs can use his expertise in deceiving the despicable victims, will they support his election with plenty of Facebook manipulation? The man finally has format and meanwhile also meat on the ribs and learned to wear a suit.

The poor who see his tattoos from earlier feel immediately connected to him.”This is our man. He speaks our language,” they might say. Some may see the Savior in Him.

yes.Unlogged. It’s possible that I could still see that the rent-scamper who almost made me despair will one day be the hero of the nation. On Facebook, he already is.

His role models are Hitler and Trump, by the way.

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