What is it like to work as a doctor?

It depends on what kind of tag you have.

The good days

These are days when you are happy, life feels beautiful, there is spring in your stride.You sleep quietly and want to share your happiness with your family and friends. These days come when.

A patient and his family thank you for taking care of them and making a difference in their lives.

You successfully perform a difficult treatment or operation.

You will meet with a procedure that is the first time you have been self-employed after being trained under supervision for days.

You pass your exams or receive a gold medal.

Your senior or boss calls you, appreciates your efforts and encourages you.

The bad days.

These are days when nothing seems to be right.

Your OPD is running too late and patients become anxious and excited.

Your colleague has suddenly said goodbye and you have to do his job.

They are sick and care for the sick.

They could not meet a deadline for submitting a work or project.

In general, everyone around you seems rude and unhelpful.

You lose a patient with whom you have had a long relationship or the death or complication was unexpected.

You have a lot of paper work to do, but no time.

You have failed to do something that you usually like, as if you were missing a diagnosis or an unsuccessful procedure.

The Ugly Days

These are days when the world slips under your feet.You feel unhappy. You doubt why you became a doctor. They want to walk far away into the mountains and lead a hermit’s life.

The mob accuses you of negligence and wants to beat you.

You have done your best for the patient and have done everything to help them, but the patient and his relatives have made you bad.

You fail your exams.

You are not able to achieve something that your colleagues do easily.

Your boss yells at you in front of patients and staff, calling you useless and an idiot.

The routine days

Life is monotonous and boring.They don’t even know that the day has passed. Most days are like that. You can’t remember what you did a week ago.

You make your usual rounds and OPD

You have the usual interaction with your boss, colleagues and employees

It is not a new exciting diagnosis to make or perform a procedure.

Patients are in treatment and there is nothing unusual on the wards.

There are days when your heart races faster than a Formula One car.Your mind is challenged to make a decision in seconds that can mean life or death for a person. They develop tolerance to hunger and toilet breaks. You will be better than a sponge to absorb fear. Anger, frustration, pain and suffering.

You will work beyond your superhuman abilities with aching legs, physical sleep and stomach growls because you know a mistake and someone’s life can be changed forever.

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