What is it like to live as a Jew in Germany?

In my opinion, this question is not very easy to answer.

I have many Jewish friends, as I lived as a child next to a Jewish school and a Jewish sports club.In addition, I was also in Israel (Ashdod, Haifa, Eilat, Tel Aviv) and met many emigrated European and especially German Jews. We often got into the conversation about weather, politics, history, music and literature.

Off more objective I can only say that German Jews are still subject to some resentment and constant hostility.In my view, this is an alarming state of affairs.

The existence of Israel, together with domestic and foreign policy, acts as the basis for the “new” hatred.The situation is particularly delicate in Berlin. Anti-Semitism already finds its origin in the family home. You are literally “vaccinated” with this hostile basic attitude. Children from Arab families or settlements are particularly affected.

The current refugee crisis has also brought more and more hatreds of Jews from Syria into the country.Syria and Israel have a very complicated and exhausting relationship based on hatred. Syria does not even recognize Israel as an independent state.

I am reluctant to use the word ‘Muslims’ here, as Turks, Bosniaks, Kazakhs and Albanians generally have few problems with Jews.Ultraconseratives are excluded here.

I cannot understand when German Jews are denounced, socially excluded, spit on or robbed because they have jewish identity and want to live it out freely.

From my own childhood I can report, which I am not proud of(!) that many use the term “You Jew” as a disalysing and abhorrent term.Jewish children are confronted with such insults as early as childhood. While Christian and Muslim children constantly mention their religious community and proudly display their religious symbols, Jewish children struggle with skeptical looks simply because they have a kippah on their head.

Many of my friends have since emigrated.Super qualified people with a lot of potential.

Paradoxically, people are desperately looking for new skilled workers abroad, but overlook the fact that qualified Jews are leaving the country in droves.Very strange. The French Government feels the same way. The only beneficiaries of this debacle are Israel, the United States, Canada, and Australia. These countries value the value of these people.

France: New, brutal anti-Semitism alarms Jewish communities

I would still be interested to know how Jewish people/citizens think about the current situation.Politics has failed miserably.

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