What is it like to live as a German in the USA?

“What is it like to live as a German in the USA?”

I would say it depends on where you live.I spent two summer holidays with my aunt on Whidbey Island (the largest island in the Continental U.S.A.) in the State of Washington (LK, everything could help, even the monthly, “immoral” U.S. playboy, because he just happened to save my English a-school, longer story, though funny – and because I write it every time I mention Playboy: Thank you, Mr. Hefner) and after graduation for some time, until my girlfriend, who lives in Seattle,

her mother had been swarming for so long that I was allowed to move into the “guest room” with the strict requirement that entering Evelyn’s room was an absolute no-no!

And “guest rooms” was good: they were a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom, plus a small kitchen, for Germany rather an almost opulent one-bed apartment.

But so I can only use the “Evergreen State

(Yes, so far north and yet an evergreen rainforest)

And there is nothing really worthy of criticism, Washington is very European and liberal, only in the east of the state there are a few hardcore Republicans, almost everyone had Germans in the main building (funnily, Evelyn was not, her father was Czechs had fled the Nazis to the states and had made quite good money in the oil fields of AlaskaEvie was still born in Anchorage, AK, after the death of her husband, then her mother wanted the not so pleasant Alaska left and so the ladies N. came to Seattle).

There in the northwest you can live really well, only the swimming in the Pacific is almost not possible, the Gulf Stream is very cold, about 10 掳 C. That’s why Coupevilles swimming pool is right by the sea, but heated.

For swimming in the Pacific, there are only a few shallow bays that are heated by the sun.

But what has grabbed me most personally is Cape Flattery,

the northernmost tip of continental America.

One stands there on the Pacific And knows, between here and Russia there is thousands of kilometers only water, not a single and even so small island, nothing!

otherwise?If you behave there like in Germany, you don’t notice. Not a driver’s license like that yet? There’s something of a lukewarm one if the person who is supposed to train has a Washington Driver’s License for more than three years.However, there is no “foreigner bonus” in the exams. The traffic rules in Washington are almost the same as in Germany.

And now I have to leave the beautiful U.S. idyll: I was also in Canada for 2 months, the neighboring state of the U.S.A. is Montana and despite the many crosses there this state was probably never Christianized, almost everywhere arms shops, even in the department store!With a “Ma Deuce

Playing around is really fun in the short term, but at home I didn’t want to have them!

And a lot of U.S.-Americans there are alternatively hillbillies or rednecks, the typical voting cattle of POTUS N掳 45.

Be that as it may, it’s worth noting that I wouldn’t have missed these 2 years, but also the 2 months in Canada as a simple part-time wrangler on the horse ranch of a friend on the East Kootenay River, BC:

Yes, Otto Preminger’s film “River of No Return” was shot there in 1954 …

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