What is it like to be born as a gifted child?

I believe that every person comes into the world with some talent.The difficulty lies in figuring out what they are in.The easiest way is for people who have clearly defined abilities that can even be assigned to different school subjects, such as a great deal of mathematical understanding or the ability and endurance in physical education to be the most difficult. exercises.In most cases, these talents are recognized and promoted by others at an early age.

Whether you could later work as a terrific sales talent in the car dealership or maybe become the next Top Weddingplanner are in return talents that you have to find in yourself first.

Then there are the slightly rarer talents that are not in everyone’s cradle and to which you probably allude with your question.I have some entinations that others findrather unusual, so I may be able to answer your question:

Mother Nature has endowed me with a lot of creativity, an enormous thirst for knowledge, a strong will and a lot of imagination.I have a talent for writing, drawing, singing, speaking and acting. This means that I have always shone in the school subjects of German, art and music, often to the delight of my classmates(… and I was always kind of embarrassed by the praise of the teachers). I didn’t care about maths, chemistry, geography and physics at all. All important subjects, with which I still have a bad relationship today.

Maybe I could have worked in an office, but I certainly felt locked up.I wanted to work creatively and do something with my hands, create new things every day and try things out. That’s why I became a hairdresser. By the way, I’ve written some books, held readings, performed a duet with a friend of his onstage, drawn what the stuff holds and recorded an audiobook.


My head is always working on something.

Sometimes it is difficult to concentrate on everyday life as a housewife and mother. When I clean and clean up, I usually put an audiobook on my ears to block my spontaneous ideas and ideas a bit. Otherwise, my housework can take eternity, because I constantly sever it to write down a sentence quickly or googling a melody or, or, or… My husband, who is extremely structured in his way of thinking, does not understand my way of working. I think he sometimes finds me quite chaotic. In addition, things are often incredibly important to me that other people find rather uninteresting. This sometimes makes you lonely and dumb. Most of the time I spray with the urge to communicate. To share my work, my successes or failures with others. Maybe that also brought me to Quora. I just enjoy discussing things in detail. I also find people’s different perspectives on different topics insanely interesting.

I don’t know if that answers your question, but I enjoyed answering 🙂

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