What is it based on that spiritual enlightenment is eternal?

With Enlightenment one means insight; Clear Insight.

If you understand something suddenly you can no longer understand it.This insight is a kind of knowledge.

Imagine your wife is going strange, doesn’t even love you, but you know of nothing.Then you live in ignorance. You can suddenly find out that she has that relationship, then you have a moment of enlightenment. Your best friend says, “Yes, I always said it, but you didn’t want to see it.” You can now put your head in the sand, pretending nothing is going on, but knowing, the knowledge no longer disappears.

You may wonder what spiritual enlightenment is and whether it does exist.This is a definition issue. Learning a sacred text from your head clearly has nothing to do with enlightenment. Nor can you get a diploma. In religious practice, people can be very upset with texts and they can struggle to fit into their lives. Then ask them questions about why and how. This kind of lazy you always come across in Zen anecdotes. They can also ask very different questions. Yes, but here it says. As if those texts are not a baloney that you can take on all sides. The teacher gives someone a broom and says, ‘ just clean the square ‘.

Sometimes the light breaks through and then it is about monks who are laughing together.Just as if that Monk’s existence is such a fun.

I always think: Life is a dream, but you can’t wake up, you can only go dead.All not so special, but you have to understand it. This is then life, it’s a kind of illusion, but it’s what it is, you just have to make the best of it.

Then you can shoot in a fear psychosis and back in your monk cell and pray the Rosary ‘ Lord frees me from these sinful thoughts ‘.Then your gaze in the abyss is not a liberating insight, but an oppressive insight.

As a mediating monk, you can be just sitting and drinking tea rather than sitting still.’ What do I actually do here? ‘ You then call ‘ Boe! ‘ against the monk who wants to give you a whack with his stick, but you don’t get a certificate of enlightenment, because the higher monks don’t feel like drinking tea with you and are happy to leave you still a little longer, as there is at least three years of meditation necessary to achieve enlightenment. Can you not come to enlightenment without meditation? No, it is clearly written in the scriptures. And the Buddha then? The Buddha is different.

Thus, a whole monastery can be in a state of non-knowing and teach the non-knowing.

Well, it seems to me that with Zo芒 鈧劉 n theorem (eternally) The dead speak to us, and I do not believe in it, because none of us living can know this.I am the last who can answer spiritual questions I think. I know nothing, and that has an advantage:

Blessed are the ignorant.

On nonsense.

Spirituality has become a product of market functioning of our kapatalistic society.

The word eternal is meant for those who want to reach an afterlife.

The word enlightenment can be explained on countless maniere.

So this kind of words is used to make spirituality money.

‘, ‘ If you really areenlightened, then ‘ time ‘ doesn’t matter anymore.Which can be called eternal.

“,” Dear Eef, you have already asked me something about enlightenment, and I replied to you that I know very little about Buddhism-because I think this fits in.But well I’m doing an attempt. Buddhists on Quora need to improve me.

The central problem that B is trying to overcome is that of suffering.B proposes a number of methods. These lead to a state that one calls “enlightenment”. If I understand correctly that is a situation, a way of being, where you can no longer suffer. It is also a situation where you are going to escape the law of Karma. Indeed, B believe in reincarnation, and do to merit. If you have lived well, you will come back to something shorter in lighting. Vice versa can also. So enlightenment is something that will put an end to that cycle of rebirths, and what you are letting join the state of Nirvana. Nirvana is not described, but it is the best you can come across.

So you see that enlightenment is something you do to move to… a kind of eternity: Nirvana.So I suppose that enlightenment is something irreversible. But it is true that on the path to enlightenment you can “rise” and “descend”, in a life, but also from 1 life on the next.

This is the little I mean to understand.Is there a Buddhist on Quora NL?

,, With “spirituality” I am not known, but with “Spiritualien”.

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