What is ‘Heaven’s Vault’?

Heaven’s Vault is a game of inkle studios.It’s an adventure and a puzzle game that consists mainly of knobging and translating the ancient language that dominates the past of low-sci-fi settings.Aliya Mazwai or Aliya Elasra, an open and somehow brittle and nery archaeologist, is the protagonist in this game. She travels the so-called Nebula with her robot Six aboard her spaceship Nightingale, sailing on rivers of ice, air and stardust.

Heavens’s Vault is a rare gemstone because it contains perhaps the most accurate representation of archaeology ever in a game.

In addition to exploring the diverse locations, the player tries to decipher the Ancient, which consists of 46 different glyphs with different functions and meanings. Inkle created a huge dictionary and its own grammar behind the language, which makes more of it than a simple puzzle. The player dives deep into the place, context and collocation to decipher which 4 suggestions of the game is the right one. And then the game sends you off to find another mention of the word to confirm your guess.

The inkle engine works perfectly by integrating the discoveries and decisions in conversations and translations directly into the world and the story.Something that shows up all the more when you keep your dictionary in NG+, a new game run, and suddenly old and new texts appear, which allow a deeper insight into the history. Inkle manages to throw the new text fragments and artifacts into the game in a credible manner, which allow the player to translate completely different things than in the first game, possibly also to come to different conclusions. Something that becomes particularly absurd when a friend named Huang starts to take new pictures or texts from his library again and again, because what is shown to him is reminiscent of a cauldron on which a pig is imprinted, and which during his mother’s time during an excavation on Iox found. (Apparently while she was wearing straight green shoes and it was raining.. on a Tuesday.)

Thus, over time, one understands more and more events of history and approaches the language, and how the glyphs and their quasi-infinite combinations can always mean new words.That’s when you start taking notes while playing Heaven’s Vault and think about what the chunks of the spoken ancient you’re bumping into.

The game is very relaxed and hardly forces the player to hurry somewhere, but rather lures him to the next inscription, while inkle apparently not only managed to produce a great game, but at the same time it is also relatively error-free has been published.

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