What is fake news and how can I recognise it when I read it?

Fake news is news that doesn’t lend itself to clear reasoning, and critic viewing


“According to a study vaccinations cause autism”

Thousands of researches say not, why think that the one who says it is right, looks critical.

What causes autism is unknown.If it weren’t vaccinations, there would be a lot more people with autism.

Etc etc

Most fake news often has only 1, not legitimate source, and FB and Twitter are news differs, but no news sources

Fake news is news that cannot be validated while it puts a clear line in a direction as if it were validated.

‘ White House says Trump has accurately repainted the Last Supper to the Miliometer ‘

This is of course fake news.

  1. If the White House makes a ruling, it can be checked at the White House
  2. If we were to believe that Trump is capable of any artistic ability other than to invent signatures under contracts and lies, the world would look very different.
  3. If someone has repainted a painting of that magnitude, there are several fields that would post about it.

Unfortunately, not all the fake news is so easy to read.Many fake news arises from layers of erroneous information that is repeated until it is assumed (often simple information about substances that are in something, or things that seem to have no influence on our everyday life), after which opinions On the basis of that erroneous information are proclaimed, after which our brains say ‘ Well, makes sense, that I had already heard somewhere ‘. So sneaky subliminal messages (messages meant to reprogram the unconscious part of the brain or do NLP).

If you want to know if something is real, you will have to do your own research.

My highest opinion is: Always stay, always critical, even about my answer.

‘ Challenge everything ‘-EA-

You cannot recognize it (always).

Example?Thousand Wheels.A “journalist” who advocates for his advertisers, the car sellers. Newspapers die out, they used to have the monopoly on what appears and does not appear. About what information is, what opinion. They reach with 1 article Hundredthousand humans. They determine what people think or try to influence all this. This is a wet dream for all sorts of Gespuis, Poltici and marketing people. Did you know that in Belgium “journalists” are invited to weddings? And that these are also nartoe? And that this is not widely disclosed? Even if you appreciate a politician or politician as a human being, the separation between the 4th power and the rest should not in any case be violated. Or did you read the (already ex) Minister of Finance who was then editor-in-chief of Trends? He made with facts and arguments firewood of the “fiscal policy” in Belgium, something that is held together with spit and sticky rope. After which he becomes minister and does just the same but then pretending it is different than before. A journalist who is lying? No, right?

Example?Rechstzaak against automaker? 10 important points, journalist chooses 1, comes on TV, lots of blabla but the focus is bad at 1 point. Afterwards, constructor returned through the same newspaper group, where the other party was not consulted and is written simply slanted. Hello, chief editor? No answer. An important advertiser in the newspaper? That constructor.

Facebook?Share stories and family photos, friends. Bullcrap. This is a sales platform that looks at what you love to hear and see and that is shown to you. Do you know what is not shown? Nope. Make people feel, show them what they want to see, and hang some advertisements or other buying opportunities. Goldmine for advertisers. Fake News, advertising or marketing? It’s a different name for the same. You pay to convince someone with a message. From what or for what, that may be Facebook sausage orphans. Whether it’s a newspaper with clickbait about the underpants of the new wife of that one prince, or about the indecent behavior of a superstar or a world leader, the more clicks, the higher the value of an advertisement on that site.

As an engineer and scientist, the truth and the facts lie to my heart.Well, 95% of people don’t even understand how and to what extent they are manipulated. Nothing new under the sun. How many people can apply the rule of three? However essential to understand something of the finances of your family and the country. General knowledge about geography, mathematics, economics? Meet simple questions you may have 1% that can still be with you.


Sorry but you can change little about it.As Quora user wrote, always do your own research. Always remain critical. Even about his answer:-). Just kidding, all the answers so also that of me.

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