What is faith in God exactly?


What is faith in God?I used to think this was a simple question. Until I saw this question, I think it is worthwhile to think. I have prayed for the last few days and searched for the Lord.

Later on I searched the internet, I saw a passage word: “ There are many people who believe in God, yet there are few who realize what faith in God entails and what they have to do to be a man to God’s heart.This is because, although people know the word ‘ God ‘ and phrases like ‘ the work of God ‘, they do not know God – let alone his work. It is therefore no wonder that everyone who does not know God possesses a confused faith. People do not take faith in God seriously because believing in God is too unknown and too strange for them. They therefore do not fulfill the requirement of God. In other words, if people do not know God and his work, they are not suitable to be used by God, and they can do much less to fulfill the wish of God. “Faith in God” means believing that there is a God. This is the simplest concept of faith in God. Believing that there is a God is, moreover, not the same as believing sincerely in God. Such a thing is rather a simple belief with which religion is strongly implied. Sincere belief in God means that you are experiencing the word and work of God on the basis of a conviction that God is sovereign in all things. As a result, you are freed from your depraved disposition, meet the desire of God, and get to know God. Only through such a pathway can it be said that you believe in God. “

From this passage I see that only recognizing the existence of God and even trusting one hundred percent in the existence of God is not a real belief in God, but a religious belief.Believing in God but not knowing clearly what the true faith in God is, not knowing God’s work, not even knowing God, such faith is a confusing belief and will never be approved by God. Believing in God is to experience God’s Word and work based on recognizing God’s creation of everything, only in this way can we know God; If we simply acknowledge God’s existence, but do not experience God’s work, do not know God, we will still resist God and betray God, so such faith has no meaning.

Then I thought of Job.He first received from God when he encountered trials, and he believed that in everything, whether good things or bad things, there is God’s good intent. He believed God’s dominion and also believed that Rover was unpacked his possessions, it is also God’s dominion. If God does not allow, Rover could not take off. So, Job could obey God and praise Prayer, “and he said: Naked I came out of my mother’s belly, and naked I will return there.The LORD hath given, and the LORD hath taken; The name of the LORD they believed! ” (Job 01:21) After giving testimony, he not only received God’s multiple blessings, but God spoke to him in the wind.Job is the one who truly believes in God. So, though scribes and Pharisees read the Bible, exhausting everything, spreading the gospel and working hard, but when the Lord Jesus came to work, many people came back to the Lord because of what he preached and what he showed signs and miracles. But scribes and Pharisees did not know the way of the truth and the work of the Holy Spirit, they treated something from the perspective of the people, and thought that Jesus was the son of a carpenter, that Jesus drove demons out of the Prince of Demons. They even denied that the blind could see again and dead people could get up again because of him. Because they were afraid to lose their position and to come back to the Lord Jesus and that no one would listen to their sermons, therefore they were mad to sue Jesus. Therefore, even if they were exhausting, working, spreading the Gospel to the Lord, the Lord denied their faith and said that they are bad people.

Belief in God is the inability to search for the unknown.

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