What is better in the US than in Germany?

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This is generally not so easy to answer, because , as I must stress time and again, the United States is so huge and diverse that it is difficult to compare it with Germany.

This tricklehas its advantages and disadvantages.One advantage is, you can get lost somewhere there and really live very far away from civilization, which is almost impossible in Germany.As an example, an area along the border between Minnesota and Canada, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area,[1 is not only national park and nature reserve, there all machines of all kinds are prohibited.No cars, no roads, no portable devices, nothing. Everything you bring in has to be taken back with you.

This area is about a quarter the size of the Free State of Saxony — about 4,500 km2!

And you can imagine how wonderfully quiet that is there (especially since there are hardly any settlements of any kind nearby).Or how the stars shine in the night sky. You won’t find anything like it anywhere in Germany.

See here on Google Maps: The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

I remember once I was there nearby and went out briefly to smoke one.The motel was outside and there was a single street lamp. Far and wide nothing else. I walked away, lost in thought, and ran in the dark — and looked up by chance.

I was speechless.

The Milky Way looked as if a god pulled a brush of colorful paint once across the sky.Thousands of stars sparkled in the sky tent. In the dark I had the feeling of floating, in the midst of the glorious creation.

Of course, I saw the night sky again and again and was always thrilled.After all, I grew up in rural areas and astronomy has always been a hobby. But this absolutely unpolluted, completely pure and deep black dark sky… that’s where religion is understood right away.

In general, there are natural spectacles of all kinds in the USA, which are unimaginable in this country.About autumn colors in the Appalachians, where I grew up.

The photo has not been photoshopped.

The colors really look like this almost every year in autumn.

Unfortunately, as a child, I didn’t appreciate it.For me, it was just a sign of the start of school. It wasn’t until we moved away and I came back after a few years that I realised how unique it is.

Apart from that, there are also unusual rock formations all over America that have hardly any counterparts in Germany, such as Natural Bridge in Virginia, not far from my homeland:

Another facet is the open-mindedness and welcoming culture of the people there.

My wife, who drove through America for the first time with me after our wedding, was very impressed and impressed by it. Everywhere she was welcomed with open arms and treated with respect and kindness.

She comes from the Allgäu, where people are also rather cordial and open, and she has missed that very much elsewhere in Germany.But no matter where we went — we covered a good 5,000 kilometres during the journey — we were always warmly and warmly received.

Admittedly, this can be regarded as superficiality.But she found that the Germans could look away from it. What annoys them (and me) the most is when you say that in some parts of Germany, it is immediately wiped off the table with derogatory remarks — often combined with the accusation that the Amis are provincial and narrow-minded. But this is true for the person and not for the Americans.

A key difference between the two cultures: Americans are generally more optimistic and willing to take risks.This is the result of the fact that failure there is not as frowned upon and socially punished as in Germany.

When someone files for bankruptcy in Germany, it is still a disgrace.In the US, it is part of everyday life. If you fail there, you just start anew. Insolvency is simply one of them and is accepted with shrugs. Many entrepreneurs have even filed for bankruptcy several times. This is simply part of entrepreneur life.

This way of simply tackling and doing things has drawbacks, without question.Some become downright sociopaths (a certain orange occupant of the White House comes to mind). But this pragmatism could also do the Germans much good.

A particularly strong side is the way to deal with immigrants.In Germany, someone like Cem Özdemir, whose family has been in Germany for generations, who has never been to Turkey, who does not speak Turkish, who has a German (and no Turkish) passport, is popularly just “the Turk.” If you’re lucky, a “German-Turkish.”

Quite different in America.There, anyone who takes citizenship is immediately “one of us.”

There are the notorious “hyphen-Americans” — “German-Americans”, “Italian-Americans” etc.— but these are conspicuously not newly immigrants, but one describes oneself with it.The label is therefore not imposed on you, but merely an expression of the specially defined identity.

When the issue is raised in Germany, the excuse that Germany is not a country of immigration is almost always served up.Humbug.You only have to look up the phone book and see how many “Germans” have Slavic, Italian or other surnames. No less than 80-85 members of the German Bundestag also have “foreign” surnames.

There is always talk of integration, but what integration is or that integration must come from both sides — that is not what is being talkedabout.

This is completely different in the US (although it has unfortunately been questioned more and more in recent years).There is hardly any such discussion about integration.

By the way, the United States does not even have an official language.English is a de facto national language, but there is indeed the possibility of making applications and the like in other languages. This, too, is part of the welcome culture.

And before the usual comments come, I would generally prefer the US, here is my answer to the reverse question:

Answer by John Grantham, Esq.on What is better in Germany than in the USA?

Don’t forget: I am American, but I live in Germany.And that’s what I chose. So mezzo piano before someone gets upset.;P

On the sidelines, it is striking that the contributions to this issue, where people are more critical of the United States, receive a lot of support.Even if the question was really only about positive things.


The bottom line is that both countries and cultures have great advantages.Ultimately, I want a healthy mix of both, where they fertilize each other and learn from each other — without arrogance or bad conscience.

Above all, I hope that the Germans will finally realise how similar the two countries are, rather than just seeing the differences.After all, no other culture (except perhaps britain) has shaped the US so much by immigration.


[1 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness – Wikipedia

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