What is better in Germany than in the USA?

Having been an American more than 10 years ago and moving to Germany, I believe that I am very qualified to answer this question.

I can say that the quality of life in Germany is generally much higher than in the US.

Roads and public transport – it is not uncommon to see potholes on the streets of the USA.I damaged a lot of front-wheel suspensions on my cars. I had to take my car to the workshop at least twice a year to achieve an alignment.

In Germany, I have not yet seen a pothole that has not been repaired for months.

The USA lags far behind Germany on public transport.

I live in Cologne and usually find a bus or tram just two blocks from my location in the city.I have travelled to other smaller towns around Cologne without the need for a car. It was only three times that I really needed a car to reach my destination, but there was always a taxi service nearby. This makes the need for a car and the associated costs very low.

In the USA there is almost no public transport, although in larger cities, but less than in Germany.

The food – especially the bread.In Germany we have the most wonderful selection of hearty and healthy bread in every neighbouring bakery and supermarket.

You won’t find this in America…. Typically.If you’re not willing to drive miles to find america’s increasingly rare bakeries, you’ll never experience the kind of bread with the quality we have in Germany.

The cheap wine – a really good wine can be found in almost every supermarket for 3 to 7 euros.The same wine would cost 30 to 40 dollars in America!

Vacation – if you work for an employer in America, you can expect up to a week’s leave in your first year as an employee, and you can build up to two weeks after two years of service.

You may have to work a lifetime to earn the right to take four weeks, but if you take them, you may run the risk of losing your job.

If you’re a small entrepreneur, it’s even worse!I was able to manage 14 vacation days in 17 years, not per year, 14 days in total; a long 4-day weekend and a 10-day trip to Europe.

Try to say that about a German, and they’ll look at you as if you’ve lost your mind!In fact, you probably have!

Since I have lived in Germany, although I still can’t get myself to go on holiday for the whole six weeks of the year, I can say that I have taken at least five times what I did in the USA.These are just some of the differences I’ve noticed, but I could go further and further.

Are there things that are better in the US than in Germany?That really does exist! But that is another question.

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