What is banned in the Netherlands, but not in other countries?

What a nice question, it really has put me in the search.Encountered a lot of strange things. Whole local laws that are generally accepted, but not by certain cities. If you are interested here read this.

The 7 weirdest laws of the Netherlands!

The nicest thing I found is that you can peep at neighbors, except in Meppel!Lol

These are some strange international laws, maybe good to know if you go on vacation:)))


But that is not the question.

The only thing I could find is that the Motorclub Hells Angels is now completely banned in the Netherlands.Members of the club may no longer meet or wear the logo. In other countries, the law cannot yet be banned.

The Netherlands is again the first!!:)

The Hells Angels is a motor cycle corridor, founded in the United States sometime in the forties and has spread over the world over the years.These “chapters” or groups are governed by the United States. Of course, the club is known for its criminal activities.

According to the NOS Jeugdjournaal (strange in my view), the court has decided that criminal activities are proven enough to prohibit it.

Motorclub Hells Angels is now banned in the Netherlands

Motorclub Hells Angels banned in the Netherlands

One thing I can tell you from my own experience.The sale of vitamin B12 ampoules. In (almost) any other European country you can buy this at any pharmacy, except in the Netherlands, here it has to be per prescription.

I am therefore often just over the border in Germany to get a stash.

Certain license plate letter Combi’s are forbidden e.g. NSB or SS

It is forbidden in the Netherlands for a judge to test laws on the Constitution.

Here in Luxembourg, you can simply buy spirits in the grocery store and sell alcohol in petrol stations.

Prohibition on aboveground fertilization.In other countries within the EU and outdoors this is allowed but in the Netherlands no longer. Slurry can only be driven out of the soil on grassland.

There are a lot of small things to come up with that have to do with our extensive legislation on spatial planning (to do with our large number of people per km2), but if you are talking about something that Dutchmen perform relatively severely against: gambling.We have long been a state monopoly on casinos and Dutchmen find gambling also really more reprehensible than people in neighboring countries. Gambling on sports competitions is very little and is seen as something for Chinese. What Scandinavian have with alcohol, we have with gambling.

Example: In Sweden it is quite normal that in a club where people come for music, a drink and a nice evening, in a corner a roulette table or a blackjack table stands.I, as a Dutchman, feel uncomfortable there, more than at a grocery store that has bottles of gin in the offer or a caipirinha-bars during King’s Day.

On the sidewalk bikes.

The many to mention.Betuttelen is what the Netherlands is good at.

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