What is an unpopular opinion you have?

That paedophiles deserve compassion and care.

You have a sexual preference, there you can not choose.As far as is known, the majority of paedophiles are not paedosexuals. Don’t misunderstand me, sexual abuse is one of the worst things a child can come across and I condemn it in all possible cases.

For my feeling, everyone who could do something about my children should be gone.If a paedosexual would abuse my child I want to kill him. I am opposed to the death penalty, but I would like to kill him.

But many paedophiles do not commit abuse/sexual acts with children and are therefore not paedosexual.Yet, in the language use paedophiles are thrown up a lot with paedosexuals. There is, quite understandably, a huge stigma on this orientation. But it is therefore a very big struggle for paedophiles to seek help in life with their orientation. Because of this, they do not get the treatment to learn how to cope with their feelings. This again leads to the fact that more paedophiles are going to exhibit paedosexual behaviour.

We know that the more paedophiles are excluded, threatened and stigmatised, the more tension they experience and the greater the risk that they proceed to pedosexuality.

By not shutting out and by treatment for learning to deal with paedophile feelings before these people exhibit paedosexual behaviour, there can be a lot of suffering from potential victims and to prevent paedophiles themselves.However, by the hostile (and completely understandable) attitude of society to paedophiles, they will not dare to seek this help by fear, shame and self-stigmatisation. With serious consequences for the victims that arise when they proceed to pedosexuality. Unfortunately, because of our natural tendency to protect the children in society from the threat of abuse, the risk is increasing rather than wondering.

From everything I believe in this is the most important thing: 芒 鈧?艗first and above all: do yourself and others no malicious 芒 鈧?

Compassion and help to a potential future perpetrator who can do something about my children goes against all my instincts.But I know rationally that by remembering help there is more damage and risk. So therefore I believe that we must offer compassion and care to paedophiles. It is an opinion that is unpopular even with myself.

That the sleek, angular modern style of construction must be completed past tense and more aesthetical to be built.In fact, that unsightly ugly flats in historically built environments all need to be replaced by parks or in the history of construction. Furthermore, that no historical building, even a building trap, can be more against the plains and rebuilt as much as possible.

That FvD is a party with fascist thinking led by a very dangerous person

I am against the war on drugs and I find that all now illegal drugs should be out of criminal law.

It has to be legalised and regulated so that adults themselves can decide what they are taking and what not.

I do not need a paternalist government that tells me what I am allowed to do in this area.

Many people in my area are struggling with this.

Grts, Morty

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