What is an empath, and how can you be sure that you are one?

Translation from English…

An empath always puts others before themselves.

Empathy is giving, considerate and compassionate people.We have an open mind, are creative problem solvers and thinkers. We are not giving up on finding a solution so quickly. Because deep down we know that there is always a solution. We love to learn and educate ourselves. Empaths tend to distance themselves from negative or depressing media because we absorb these emotions. Personally, I don’t watch TV or i don’t read news. Music is all I need.

Empaths do not stand in the way of themselves when they help others.They don’t do that because they expect a quid pro quo. They just make it out of the pure drive to “repair” other people.

Empathy is great listeners.We take on the emotions of the people around us and show a lot of empathy for de-premiered people. We feel their psychological, mental and emotional pain. We laugh when they laugh. We don’t just sympathize with our fellow human beings, we sit down with them and try to feel what they feel.

But there are also people out there who target empaths and feed their egos by sucking the energy out of the empath.

When empaths have to do with such people, they often feel exhausted.We cannot help these self-loving people. We have to accept that some people cannot be helped. In order to protect ourselves and our energy level, we have to say “no” here.

Place with large crowds can overwhelm us.Because we absorb a wide variety of emotions and we resonate with all of them.

Empathy is also very good at seeing people through.We just sit back and watch.

We love to have time for ourselves and gain new energy by strolling around in nature.Even if an empath has little energy, it will still strive to use its remaining powers for others.

I was first told a month ago that I was an empath.After doing some research, I was very excited that I was an empath. I am not the only one, of course. There is a lot of us. I did the Myer-Briggs personality test. The result is: INFP-A.

Some people take advantage of the fact that we stand up for them.After having a relationship with a narcissist, I am active at Quora to process the whole thing. Empathy is typical targets for narcissists. He completely broke me. But nevertheless, as an empath, I help everyone unselfishly.

But now that I have finally got the relationship behind me, I slowly learn to say no.At first it is quite hard to distinguish yourself from such things and not to participate in them anymore. But I had to realize that some people just don’t deserve my help. Because they only have the sense of weakening me and giving nothing myself. I don’t need that anymore.

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