What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing comes from English and means nothing else like “recommendation marketing”, which means: I recommend a product and get a commission (success participation).

2 examples:

1.Example: You are in the pizzaria and eat a pizza. After the meal, the manager comes to you and asks if you were satisfied. You reply: “Yes, the pizza was really very good!” He suggests: “If you continue to recommend our restaurant and your friends come to dinner with me, you will receive €3 discount on your next order for each of their pizzas.” This is recommendation marketing with a profit share.

2.Example: You play football in a club and buy new football shoes. The boss of the sports shop asks you if you want these shoes or shoes. recommend the sports shop to your club members. You say, “Of course, I can do this” and praise the sports shop with your comrades. After 11 of your football colleagues have also bought sports shoes there, you will receive a new pair for free.

Affiliate marketing involves exactly such “deals”, except that the recommendations are made over the Internet.This not only reaches 5-10 people from the circle of friends, but also several 100, 1000 or 10 000. Large corporations and companies even have their own affiliate marketing partner programs (e.g. The Railway, Amazon, Zalando, Apple, Booking.com etc.) Since the recommendation is made viral to all people on the net, the earning potential automatically increases.Through targeted automation, we can even make money, even if we are not sitting at the Pc. This resulted in terms such as “passive income”, “earn money from home”, “make money at the touch of a button” or “building wealth in sleep”. Surely you will now realize what an incredible potential affiliate marketing holds.

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