What is a traveler’s worst nightmare?

An additional insurance for the rental car was not needed said my wife yet.

I had my driving licence for six weeks, but it was a waste of money. In Morocco, there was little traffic.

That was indeed knocking.

Far from Marrakesh, in the mountains, in desert area was little traffic…

I understood my wife as well.

After all, the car rental company was located outside the city and we could easily get connected to the provincial road in order to be able to set sail towards the desert.

Problem was only that I was called by the company, asking us if we could report to another branch,

In the centre of Marrakesh…

Luckily I had some experience and had already driven several times from Den Helder to Amsterdam, but that looked different from:

After one and a half hour quarrel, and 61 near-accidents later we reached the outskirts of the city.

For me personally, there are 2 things I really do not want to experience when I travel:

  • End up in a hospital in a third world country
  • Getting rid of my passport

The first one happened almost when I was in Myanmar last year.

I had a thrombosis leg there and actually had to go to the hospital, but when I arrived at the hospital and saw the situation there, I decided, actually with danger for own life, to return to Thailand and to an international Hospital to go in Bangkok. In the end I am still very happy with this decision, especially after I heard horror stories from other travellers about hospitals in Myanmar.

Fortunately, my passport has never been lost.In the end it is, I think, not necessarily the end of the world, since I, as a Dutch citizen, can find in almost every country a Dutch or friendly embassy or consulate, but the idea makes me a bit sick.

‘, ‘ I think two situations:

  • Get sick or injured.

First, it is possible that medical assistance is not available immediately. Secondly, you don’t know what the quality of medical care is. Thirdly, vaccinations only protect against some of the most common diseases, there are still plenty of illnesses you can get there and that are not innocent. And fourthly, as a souvenir, you can get a fat fat hospital account of thousands to tens of thousands of euros if you are not (adequately) insured.

  • Be arrested.
  • Not only can the circumstances be bad (with all kinds of rigs being trapped, or unsanitary conditions), but it is also questionable whether you are getting a fair trial and adequate legal assistance. It is a misunderstanding that the embassy could do what you could: the Netherlands respects in principle the sovereignty of other countries, so even if you are in Thailand in the cell because of Majesty’s Schennis, or in Saudi Arabia because of witchcraft. The embassy only mediates in contact with family and helps to find legal help (which you have to pay yourself), but will certainly not ‘ take it out ‘. The punishment in the Netherlands is certainly not a matter of course. And the legal assistance costs can ruin you. It will cost you your wealth, at least months to years of your life, thereby also your career, and your physical and mental health. “,” that you are not safe with the locals, you do not speak the language (well) and there is no one who helps you and comes up for you.

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