What is a short lesson that you can teach me that will greatly improve my life?

Do not give good things, give yourself.From and to love.

I am cautious in this matter, because I myself have tremendously beaten the plank in this.However, I will decode this bible text for you:

Rather, seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, then all these other things will be given to you

The mistake I made herein was mainly doing rather than searching.You can do a lot of things (religion), even very good things and yet do not fulfill the blueprint of your own life.It’s not so black and white: I was definitely working on things that are in line with my talents. But searching means continuing to investigate what the real intent of your life is, in which you really have added value to others.Otherwise you burn up, like I did.

Giving is not always better than selfishness.It is sometimes even more dangerous, because you can often go on longer with it without running against the lamp and wasting years of your life. The secular version is: and.As a believer, you can also speak of religion instead of faith.Religion is more about doing well than beinggood, even if one originates from the other.

You must live and give from your identity, do not try to find your identity by giving and living.This means self-acceptance and believing in your intrinsic value as a creature under God’s sun. As God talked about his own son and in fact to say to every man.

This is my beloved child, in him/her I find joy.

I had to swear off religion and find myself first, before I could work with faith.Accept and cherish myself and know God, before speaking with people again, let alone believers. The churches from left to right had nothing more to offer me, what God wanted to confirm in me: Being and giving myself, instead of Christian-correct religion.

I noticed at some point that in addition to caring for myself I still needed meaning to be meaningful to others.But more in a way that suits me and where I have nothing to prove, just to be. Secular may condemn me on my faith, Christians on my relational and sexual ethics, but it will not bring me off from my blueprint and vocation.

So… Do not stop giving, but teach different to give.Hab

I am not here to Pleasen you, but to serve.Big difference!

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