What is a historically interesting photo from Dutch history?

This picture.

Netherlands, Waterland.

Many rivers, canals, boats are mentioned. The Industrial Revolution came on steam, and everywhere there were raw materials, coal, etc. needed and there had to be products, semi-manufactures and name you transported. Often too large to be transported over the (sparse) paved roads, but not large enough to establish a railway line. So, inland waterway transport.

However, most trips and canals were not suitable for sailing (too shallow, not wide enough, the wind is weird), so there was a lot of hunted: The ship for pulling on a towline.And where the French and the Belgians were leaning mainly on horse forces, like the old migratory Schuiten (the NS of the Golden Age, we will say) of yesteryear. The Dutch inland waterway freight vessels leaned mainly on children’s forces. Horses were expensive. Tugboats on Steam were there, but they cost even more money, so often they waited until there were enough ships to be dragged into a long strand and thus be able to share the costs. For the most part, however, it was the children on a rig on the shore.

Of course there were some things changing with the entry of the bulb engine, there were plof boats, luxury motorcycles (called luxury, because the little female that the family lived in was much more luxurious than what was used on the Tjalken and the Clippers), motor Tjalken Etc.But this was not the place for the bulk of the inland waterway skippers. It eventually lasted until after the Second World War, that there was a flood of surplus engine blocks (from Jeeps and trucks) available to motorize ships, or in any case build the well-known pushbuttons , which had such ships behind them Hang.

Thank you, Schippers children of the Netherlands, that you have helped the engine of the Dutch industry started!

HMM, a photo that spontaneously so with me…: A photograph from 1936 of the then prime Minister Colijn.The self-Determination str脙 隆 脙 隆 lt of it… After the Second World War it was claimed that on 9 May 1940 (thus on the eve of the German invasion), in a famous radio speech against the Dutch people, he said: “Do you sleep peacefully!” That was NOT true, for two reasons: First, Colijn was not a min. President anymore, and secondly, his words and the photo and the radio speech were from 1936. He has said these words. The Photo:

The 芒 鈧?艙pacification芒 鈧?of Kutah Reh during the Aceh War in 1904.

Here 313 men, 189 women and 59 children were shot.

The perpetrators led by General van Daalen and Heutz were then honored as heroes. More than forty years later, commanders who perform such atrocities in the (white) Europe were rightly sentenced to war criminals. But to this day, there is less weight being lifted when it comes to coloured citizens who were not waiting for a strange predominzer.

Later on, in European colonies, horrific massacres took place which were carried out on behalf of European commanders and with the approval of European governments.The Japanese are seen as cruel in the Asian colonies, and in fact they behaved just like their European competitors.

This is the photo that the American Robert Cornelius (1809-1893), son of a Dutch immigrant, made in 1839 of himself.

This picture is also the very first selfie ever made.

Not really Dutch but Dutch enough to be proud of.

Mata Hari

For me the closure of the Ijselmeer with the Afsluitdijk.

An honor to Dutch engineering.

The picture of a shot Pim Fortuyn.A political murder several centuries after that on the father of the Fatherland Willlem of Orange (nicknamed the Zwijger)

Pim Fortuyn was the forerunner of Geert Wilders and Thierry Baudet in terms of criticizing Islamism with radicalised life-threatening figures such as G脙 露 kmen Tanis who in Utrecht four utterly innocent and unsuspecting Dutchmen in and tram dead shot On behalf of his 芒 鈧?艙belie芒 鈧?as if they were it that 芒 鈧?艙his 芒 鈧?虄profeet芒 鈧劉 芒 鈧?would have offended.Sick!

Actually a pathetic figure that we should never have left behind. Certainly should not give the opportunity to commit this despicable deed in the country where he is a guest, but behaves as the counterpart of a guest.Bah!

And left Europe continues to defend them, and these actions speak out against better law. I quote our Queen here: 芒 鈧?艙a little dom芒 鈧?Still softly expressed.

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