What is a great resource for someone with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and would like to learn more about the Linux system?

Forget Linux and learn UNIX!Linux is just a variant of UNIX and there are several other variants that are both free and commercial. For instance, Apple with MacOS has a nice BSD system BASED on UNIX.And open source projects like FreeBSD, Netbsd and OpenBSD are also quite useful to learn.You can also study Minix .I have worked with it myself, so鈩?N 30 years ago. Linux did not exist then yet…

Also interesting is Google Fuchsia, although that is still in development. Currently, Android is actually the most popular Linux distribution, but many companies find the GPL license of Linux a problem because the GPL has restrictions on how you can use the code.The preference for many companies is therefore software with licenses that do not have the limitations of the GPL.

The UNIX systems (except Linux) that I have mentioned so far all have a BSD license as the basis.That makes all these systems especially commercially interesting. The popularity of Linux originally originated as a toy for hackers because there were no good open source alternatives to UNIX at the time. Well, on FreeBSD after that, since FreeBSD found its origin in the original UNIX code. Bell Labs developed UNIX, the Berkeley University bought a license on the code and got the source code thereby owned. There they continued to develop internally so that they came with BSD UNIX. Students have rewritten a lot of the original code to get under the copyright of AT & T and the name became BSD because UNIX is a trade name. But only in 1993, FreeBSD was available for Intel systems and Linux was already gaining popularity at that time.

But since everything is to be traced to UNIX I recommend you to focus on UNIX and the many UNIX variants out there.Besides Android, Linux is mainly popular on the server market because companies can develop internal software for their Linux servers without releasing its source code. But with other applications for Linux, the problem quickly emerges that the GPL forces these companies to reveal part of the source code at least. And also for embedded systems, Linux is quite popular, although here too, the need to reveal source code by many companies is considered a disadvantage.

There is a good reason why Google is working on Fuchsia, because I suspect that you want to be rid of that GPL.

The best way is total immersion.

Purchase a second-hand laptop and install a Linux version on it.As a beginner who wants to learn I suggest Fedora, unless you immediately want to jump with clothes and already in the sea… In that case, I recommend Arch Linux.

Learning Linux is mainly a shift in mentality.Everything is free but if something goes wrong you are supposed to solve it yourself by looking up things on the internet.

Feel free to ask questions on websites like LinuxQuestions [1, Stackexchange [2, Superuser [3, Fedora users [4, Arch Linux users [5 and so on.

Just make sure that your problem is unique and cannot be resolved immediately via Google search.

Once you’ve got your Linux system up and running, use it.Try to write a Word document on Linux, or install an email program, etc…

[1 LinuxQuestions.org

[2 Unix & Linux stackexchange

[3 Superuser

[4 Ask Fedora: Community Knowledge Base and Support Forum

[5 Arch Linux Forums

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