What is a good net salary in Germany at the moment?


Question from: Samuele Bolotta

What is a good net salary in Germany at the moment?

Such and similar questions keep popping up.I had already answered a similar question in 2015. The given numbers may no longer be 100% correct, but they do give a still valid picture.


The average earnings in Germany are 3000,-€.

Such an official statement by Chancellor Merkel

now… Can that be true?

We are counting on…

‘It’s a bit like you want to lie down and lie with your feet in the freezer and your head is in the stove.On average, it is then pleasant. That is to say, these 3,000€ are purely mathematical, almost nobody gets paid that.”

Germany currently has 81,840,000inhabitants, of which a number of people have already fallen out as earners.1.49 million arechildren, 25,160,000 are pensioners, 7,548,965 are severely disabled with no income and 8,930,000 unemployed with no or non-ratedincome.

This means that 56,538,965 are already out of the statistics.

Furthermore, we have 6,136,258 low-income earners, with less than 9.54€/hr (1526.40€/mtl gross) and 18,408,777 people who reach the average income of 34,199€ annual income, i.e. 2,849.92€7mtl/gross.

What does this mean, on average, 67,675,223 people in Germany have a statistically average salary of 2180.96€ gross per month.

Now the question is how much do the remaining 12,908,777 people in Germany average

(die> crossed out)

sothat we can get to an average of 3,000€?

So we reckon 67,675,223 people have an average of 2180.96€ gross mtl, 81,084,000 people are supposed to have 3,000€ brood xadto/mtl, which leads to the 12,908,777 people in Germany on average 7,410,08€ gross / mtl.to have.

Considering how many have nothing at all in the first average, it is frightening to imagine how much rei’xadcher will become every month without ever being able to spend the money and without even a socially adequate performance of this size. to have provided.Certainly specialists and surgeons do very well, but they also save lives, as other top earners (managers, politi-xadker lawyers, etc.) do not.

From this point of view, every kindergarten teacher, nurse, does much more (as an example) for society than those who make and shape the rules so that they can stay where they are without doing anything about it.

This should not be a criticism of the well-earned.Those who do a lot and do good must also be well rewarded for it.

If anyone wants to take it as a critique or against something, it is against the nearly 60 million eligible citizens of the city, some of who like to mob everywhere and then, like the sheep, make their cross again at the next Bundestag election where they can do it. and thus prove their resistance to experience over and over again.

It is often worthwhile to tear down existing ones, because this gives a view to new horizons and, YES!!!It takes courage to do so, but to leave it only strengthens our mistrust in society and, ultimately, mistrust of ourselves.

It’s so convenient to be unwell.The rich know this, and take advantage of the disunity, convenience, and anxiousness of the people. It is not for them that criticism applies, but to those who allow it, because the rich alone do not have the power.

Sapere aude

(Immanuel Kant: Have the courage to be your mind)

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