What is a good ‘ first step ‘ in Improving your life?

You can improve your self-image.

Many people have a negative self-image.”This does not occur to me”, “I have no right to… “,” I’m worthless “.

If you recognize this, you must first speak to yourself.”I have the right to exist”, “I am valuable”, “I Manage everything”, “I accept what life gives me”, “I can… “(For example” I can drink healthier “, I can live smoke free”)

In Esotericism, it is said that the spirit influences the matter, but a lot of time is needed.

At the same time, with small steps…

The first very step you have to take to improve yourself is…….Get to know yourself. What do I mean by that? Knowing yourself better is actually the fact that you are going to look for who you really are, what you really like and what your goals are.

Many people walk to sighs that they should work for 5 days.It is not because of the fact that they have to work, but to the fact that they do work what they do not really prefer to do. This is due to the fact that they just don’t know themselves well so they have chosen something they don’t really like at all.

Sure, you’ll still have days that are less, but you’ll get more satisfaction from it.Find out who you are, take the steps needed to become that one person and make your dreams come true.

Focus on minor improvements not on “the goal”

So you can evolve into a new and better stable state, without frustration that it takes too long.

A good “first step”-actually a very small baby stepping-in improving your life is to become aware of how you speak about yourself.

We all have ‘ positive ‘ and ‘ negative ‘ characteristics -/b> things we appreciate from ourselves to things we don’t really like.

Accepting both sides is important if we are honest with ourselves. It is important to be aware of both our strengths and our weaknesses.No one is perfect and just to acknowledge helps to see ourselves with more comprehension and mildness.

The main problem is not that people do not accept their weaknesses, but rather that they focus on them and exaggerate them.

Recent Research found that we can reduce this negativity by changing how we speak about our negative characteristics, namely by describing them less ‘ intensely ‘.

You recognize how we often emphasize the negative about ourselves.We then say things like:
-I’m extremely lazy
-I am to
-I’m a bitch
-I’m sitting deep in the pit

The words we use to describe our negativity are often very intense. It is not really about accepting a weakness, but about strengthening it.And we therefore identify ourselves far too strongly with it.

A better strategy is to weaken that negativity by using just a lot less intense words. You can do this actively by saying things like:
-Sometimes I’m a little lazy
-Sometimes I can do something stupid
-Sometimes I can come out of the corner
-Sometimes I feel some down

It’s a small difference in how we speak about ourselves, but it can make a world of difference over time.

And the best thing about it is that you are still honest with yourself, but you don’t exaggerates the negativity anymore, or you don’t make it more serious than necessary.

The language we use to describe ourselves is often self-predictive: Sometimes we need to change the way we speak about ourselves before we can make a positive change.

If you can weaken that negativity with words like ‘sometimes‘ or ‘a little‘, you will leave more room for positivity and growth in your life.

Therefore, take note of your words today, especially when you talk about yourself.
When you notice that you say something ‘ negative ‘, it tries to describe less ‘ intensely ‘.

Source: Self-Confidence Coach | Career Guidance | Life Coach | John Abbas

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