What is a friend? How do you make friends? What is important for your definition of a friend? Is there a difference in how you treated your friends and strangers? I’m not sure about it anymore.

I think that friendship is put down quite romantically-in films, on TV and by people who look at it.Friendship is something that many forms know, especially at a later age. As far as I am concerned, what people often have in mind is the children’s variant. That we do everything together and we stick like sweets to each other ‘ hooray we are besties, look us once! ‘ Great fun if you’re 15. As an adult I would say unhealthy and especially who are you trying to convince now?

Friends for me are people I don’t see at all often, but when I see them whether there is 1 or 10 years in between, it is always as old.I’m not part of a group of friends or something that I found nothing when I was still in high school. I travel solo. Always done. So also my friends. No idea where they are now. Last I planetickets one-I got a picture back from the Chinese wall.
Another one walked somewhere in the Andes mountains.Nice picture! One day we drink a beer together again and I hear of all the adventures. I like that.

I like to know these people.I only have a real ‘ telepathic ‘ connected band with my husband. I would find it weird to have that with all others too. I have no energy for that.
In addition, I am not the type that likes to ventilate with people there.For some people, ‘ friends ‘ are an exhaust valve where you can finally be yourself. I’m always myself, I don’t need it and I like to think of my ‘ problems ‘ on my own and preferably as short as possible, because I want to continue. Talking about it, I think that is far too long.

I’ve always been so and long I thought ‘ is there anything wrong with me that I don’t have such friends? ‘-so I examined that then I found out that everyone has his own need.So I need a different kind of friends and I have one. You can decide for yourself what you need and then you have friends that way. Everything is good as long as you feel comfortable with it.

Toon Hermans thought about it:

‘ K heard last one more saying-to-remember:

“Someone who ceases to be a friend…… Has it never been! “

Others… don’t make any illusions.

Most people have in their entire life only a lot or five, six REAL friends.

Another good one: “In need one learns to acquainate his friends…”.Sooooo true!

‘, ‘ I think it just clicks between people or not.If you regularly deal with people, and there is a good feeling, then you are on the path of friendship. It doesn’t take forever, you can’t build a theory of it, you can’t enforce it, you can’t own it, and it’s free. The human at it’s best!

“, ‘ Yes I’ve put the spelling of treats back to treated because I don’t appreciate that someone can do that for me without my say.And will continue to do so because I am stubborn.

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