What is a Content Marketing Audit?

It is no secret that the content is one of the most important ranking factors.Consider the case that the examining page is not displayed in the top results of the search engine for required requests. In this case, it is worth changing the page content to increase relevance for certain search terms.

For this purpose, serpstat’s Text analysis tool was developed to provide recommendations for page optimization.What is the “Text analysis” option used for:

  • For task creation based on the competitive analysis for copywriters.
  • To analyze the text influence on the ranking.
  • For the extension of keywords and the collection of LSI words (the semantically related keywords to the search term).

How does this option work?

It is obvious to all SEO experts that if the site is at the top of the search results, its content will be perceived as more relevant by search engines. As a result, we can determine the characteristics that led these pages to top results.

Nevertheless, this analysis is somewhat more complicated than it seems at first glance.The question is which pages need to be used for evaluation. For example, your landing page can be both informative and commercial. Or the search results contain special elements such as videos or images, although we need text analysis. How can these problems be avoided?

Simply put, the “Text analysis” option works in the following way:


First, the results are divided into groups according to specific search terms: videos, information articles, directories, commercial pages, and so on.After that, the tool determines which group your landing page fits.


On the basis of the competitive analysis, recommendations are made for the improvement of text content and the increase in relevance for corresponding search terms.

So, you have a finished project of clustering.What should you do next?

Go to the Tools section and open the Text analysis section.Select the necessary cluster and start text analytics.

If you follow these instructions, you will see the following reports:

  • The keyword list from the cluster with the Proximity level and Relevancemetrics.

Proximity level shows how well the keyword matches the cluster theme on the scale from 0 to 100%. The relevance evaluates how well your site is optimized compared to its competitors.

  • The list of recommended keywords for Title and H1. Next to the keyword, its characteristics are displayed: LSI Rank (Importance), Chance (competition due to competitive analysis) and status (absence or absence or spam on the analysis page).
  • The words are offered as lemmata, so you can apply them in any form.

  • The final part of the report presents the text analysis.
  • The tool calculates the minimum, maximum, and optimal number of words based on competitive analysis.

    The multifunctional SEO platform Serpstat lets you find technical errors on the website that are connected to content.

    Meta Tags

    The title tag is a heading of the page that should describe the content as short and succinct as possible and according to its purpose (up to 70 characters).

    The Description tag is a meta tag that includes a more detailed description of the page (no longer than 160 characters).

    These meta tags affect the site ranking and are displayed in the search results.It is important to note that the meta tags should meet some requirements:

    • Uniqueness.

    Repeated title and description are not allowed.

  • Presence.
  • Missing title and description tags are prohibited.

  • Title and Description length (tags that are too short or too long) are marked).
  • Headings

    Headings H1 to H6 are used to structure page content.Each heading indicates the importance of the text that follows. Each page only needs to have an H1 heading, which should also be unique. It is also very important to set the heading order from H1 to H6. to preserve it. Serpstat checks such errors with respect to the headings:

    • Missing heading H1.
    • Incorrect order from H1 to H6.


    The Site Audit option also checks the page content because it is very important for search engines.Serpstat finds these content errors during the audit:

    • Lorem ipsum.

    This blind text can cause the search engines to mark the content as irrelevant or non-thematic content.

  • Missing body text: The missing text indicates that the page is useless.
  • Too large page size.
  • The page size affects loading time and visitor behavior. In addition, these pages may have some difficulty scanning and indexing.

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