What is a classic example of gaslighting?

Gaslighting is the worst form of psychological (emotional) abuse.

People who are exposed to gaslighting over a long period of time lose confidence in themselves, doubt their perception and reality. (their memories) These distortions of reality overwhelm the brain and lead to loss of self-worth in the long run.The discrepancy between self-experienced (one’s own perception) and the reality (perception) of the gaslighter (often narcissist psychopaths/sociopaths) lead to constant contradictions, which is supposed to drive the victims into madness.

Gaslighting is rarely visible to outsiders and happens in secret.

A typical example of gaslighting is: Someone claims to be your friend, but in reality he incites others against you.Your trust is being abused. If you ask him, the person claims that you are paranoid and would only imagine that. You’re confused ind häl hä’s stuck to the friendship, really think you’d imagined it and would be paranoid. But over time, you realize that your perception was right and you are ashamed of your confidence and also about how badly you have been treated. You must have experienced this madness yourself, because the credibility of these people leads to bullying, vile defamation and emotional abuse. Even from outsiders who have no doubts about the credibility of the abuser. (flying monkeys)

Without noticing it, they too can be used and treat you as the gaslighter suggests to them.Without any reason for their own experience, they are manipulated into becoming accomplices.

A distortion of reality that is hardly rational lyrised and emotionally comprehensible to the victims.

Hitler also brought ordinary people to participate in a smear campaign of unimaginable proportions, making an entire people a scapegoat, responsible for his own delusion and collectively destroying them without human emotion.It is also typical of gaslighting that abusers always create a collective. A group of comrades who are being instrumentalized to confuse the victim even more. (to be wronged, in such a way that they encourage the abusers and his actions to be right.) Which, of course, makes you doubt yourself and your perception again.

Gaslighting is the worst crime you can suffer from, whether on a large scale (Trump) or in small, hidden (family, friends, work)

Wherever a competition could take place. (Envy)

Wherever someone is looking for power.

Whenever someone wants to take revenge for something to get satisfaction.

Anyone who has ever consciously escaped gaslighting will be mentally mutilated in some form of life.He will always carry a feeling of mistreated. Stigmatized forever and ever. Something that attracts narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths is provis. They need the suffering of others to compensate for their own suffering.

That is why we should start fighting for emotional abuse to be punished as legally as physical abuse.It is and remains a rape of the soul.

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