What is a “benign” tumor?

I’ve already described the difference to the malignant tumor and copy it into here.

A benign (benign) tumor consists of cells that usually exist in the body. If it grows, e.g. in the thyroid gland, it consists of thyroid cells that do the same work.

sometimes the organ forms a benign tumor even with good intentions.The thyroid gland does this when its iodine is missing and thus has more cells that can form thyroid hormones. Although the tumor is disturbing, it even keeps the body healthyin this particular case.

in other cases, further example glandular tissue, the benign tumor then forms far too many hormones and thus confuses the bodily functions.In the case of the thyroid gland, we would then have an overfunction.

the malignant (malignant) tumor consists of cells that have changed (differentiated) from normal cells.The more differentiated they are, the more dangerous they are.

as a woman, you certainly know the Paptest that the gynaecologist performs on the cervix.She takes a smear from there.Then the cells are looked at. Depending on the change (differentiation) of the cells, the result is then divided into level 1-4.At 3 the cells are already quite changed, in 4 one has suspicion of cancer.

Let us return, for example, to the glandular tissue.These cells do not do the work of the other cells.On the contrary, they disrupt the work.So the infested thyroid gland would work less well and we would have a subfunction.

Malignant tumor cells also just do some crazy stuff.You could start producing any hormones wildly. Suddenly, the patient would then have far too high calcium content in the blood, because the tumor produces hormones that release calcium from the bone.

The worst thing the malignant tumor can do is to decide to leave its place and wander aroundin the body.It then forms metastases.It can spread through the blood or lymphatic vessels by releasing cells and swimming through these pathways elsewhere.

But it can also simply become so large that it breaks through its old organ and penetratesinto nearby organs.

There are even tumors that form so-called drip metastases….quite creepy.This ability have gastric cancer, but only in women. The cancer cells then “drip” onto the ovaries and form tumors.

when the malignant tumor has spread in various places, it disturbs more and more bodily functions, because it takes nutrients and causes confusion and pain.

what both tumor types have in common is that they displacetissues.Therefore, in the brain, where there is hardly any space because of the skull bone, even a benign tumor is very dangerous.As it grows, brain pressure can increase and it can make you seriously ill or be fatal.

Summarized again:The difference between a benign and a malignant tumor is:

  • the ability to metastase formation
  • differentiation

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