What influence does your skin color have on your life?

First, I’m a so-called black woman, which sounds doofy every time, because my skin is a beautiful brown color – just like chocolate.Chocolate is not black!

The first thing I should mention is the fact that I have vitamin D deficiency (vitamin D – influence and effect of the skin) – some studies have shown that dark skin produces more melanin (of course, therefore the color – you know that, don’t you?) but less vitamin D .

Since melanin protects from the sunshine, it is very helpful in African countries – look at the white South Africans well – so many wrinkles in the face that they look like old raisins and you come to Germany and the people here have smooth skin!What is the reason for this? The sun! The sunshine in South Africa is just stronger – it doesn’t have to penetrate through so many atmospheres to get to Earth (Theintensity of sunlight at different latitudes – Recreational Engineer).Conversely, here in Germany I absolutely have to take vitamin D pills to cope with the vitamin D deficiency.

The second thing I should mention is that I’m not afraid of getting osteoporosis (WhyAfrican-Americans have healthy bones despite vitamin Ddeficiency).Somehow, with this skin color, an average higher amountof muscles and bones is associated – for whatever reason (white loses).

So that means that a uterine incident is almost impossible for me (and you have to have a lot of children and I strongly reject any attempt to sway me!I DON’T WANT CHILDREN! NEVER IN LIFE!!), but also osteoporosis – on the one hand, there is no pressure on African women to become slim, because you become slim with HIV disease anyway, i.e. slim women are sick. That’s why we all want to look a little chubby – that points to health. However, since obesity is so well received there we have more other health problems – osteoarthritis is more common than osteoporosis!! So I have to lose some weight – but when I fly back to South Africa, they will ask me all the questions why I look so sick and i’m sure someone will ask if I’ve brought AIDS back from the European men….

Here in Germany it is the other way around, or seems to be the case: the less you eat, the better you are as a woman.However, there is a risk of malnourished and too little calcium, which causes the bones to break easily for a long time and, especially after menopause, is a risk of being malnourished. So please don’t avoid your dairy, you whites, you need that stuff!

For me, the two aspects are the greatest influence of my skin color on my life.However, my skin color sometimes has an extremely negative effect on others. They become publicly offensive, for example, who ask me shamelessly funny questions like “Can I sleep with you if I buy you a flight ticket to Africa? I never slept with a black woman!”, they sometimes turn around when I walk in their shops… but these are rather the signs that my skin color affects the lives of others and I could feel like a celebrity – who else has so much influence that they only get people moving around?

However, this has a negative psychological impact on me that people sometimes have bad on my appearance or.Skin color reacts, but at some point you realize that the best thing you can do about it is to continue living in the place, because I assume that these people react so badly because 1) they have not had contact with people of other skin colors in the past or 2) di e for invented rather than real reasons, I am prejudiced. So it’s best for them to get in touch with me, anyway. Then they will learn that the so-called blacks also like to speak German, sometimes don’t want to have children, sometimes become doctors, can also work In Japanese, sometimes work freelance, and sometimes answer arrogant questions on Quora. Is horny like that!

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