What in other countries as normal is that in the Netherlands would be considered as taboo?

I can’t speak about all the countries,

But in China,

-I have been there often with my Chinese wife-

Is it almost every day touch…

I can remember that my wife and I were ever at a party in the Netherlands,

And that in a conversation about the housing market suddenly the question was asked what we have now ended up paying exactly for our house.

There was an uncomfortable silence after which the question was expertly pared.

In China This happens to us almost daily…

The difference is that there is no uncomfortable silence.

Once in a conversation the following words fall:





-Vacation Apartment

-Study for children


In many cases, in China, we want to know EXACTLY what this cost,

And in the latter case, what this gives me exactly.

Shouting with body language figuratively to make me feel somewhat uncomfortable here,

has never been noticed…

I suspect it is normal in China and is not considered a taboo.

Taboo is a big word, there are very few things that are taboo in the Randstad, because people are accustomed to everything, even if it is not normal in the Netherlands.When I have a report conversation at my son’s school and I see a Moroccan mother with the rap folder in one hand and with the other hand giving big blows to her daughter, I find it terrible but if the Dutch teachers also see it and nothing about it Say, it is apparently also tolerated.

Did the laundry on Sunday?Maybe somewhere in the Bible belt it’s not OK, but in Amsterdam? Who cares?

Heterosexual men who walk hand in hand, as in Middle East?Not common, maybe people will think they are gay, but it’s definitely not a taboo anymore.

Children to order in public.

It would be easier to compare two countries and not ‘ all other countries ‘.For example, polygamy is accepted in some countries, but not in the Netherlands. Abuse of woman-also not accepted. The question seems to be an alternative to another problem? We always made jokes that everything we enjoy on a sunny summer day in the Netherlands, for example, is illegal in the US. So you could say that the Dutch amazes that a lot of strange things are happening. They tend to be mistaken on the side of acceptance.

1.Open bottles Proseco in a park-illegal in the US.

2.A joint smoking in the open air -illegal in most of the US.

3.Topless female sun worshippers-usually illegal in the US.

4.Smoking a cigarette on the beach-you understand it

The Dutch would find the following odd-

1.Religious practice in the open air-as praying on a sidewalk

2.Gratuities for everything

3.Extravagant displays of riches

The Dutch acceptance can even go too far.Local swimming clubs started banning men in the pool in times when immigrant children of Islamic faith used the pool-because Muslim faith does not allow boys and girls to ‘ swim together ‘. Imagine inviting immigrants into your country and letting them write your rules. The Dutch often do things that others do not. It would be easier to sum up things as I did above that other countries find Taboo that are normal in the Netherlands.

Homophobia is a taboo subject and is very normal in other countries.

Even extreme-straight parties like PVV and FvD are gay-friendly targeting here and themes like gay marriage are taken for granted.There are exceptions, such as the SGP, but they hardly count.

Compare that to the thesis of their foreign sister parties such as the Spanish VOX, the Polish PiS and the Hungarse Fidez, who publicly go not only against the gay marriage but who see the LGBTQ community directly as their enemy.

A Far-Right Party Turned This Lil ‘ Gay Ghost Into An LGBT Icon

That is not to say that within the backtracks of PVV and FvD there is too much LGBT kindness (and just as much anti-Semitism).But it does reflect that these values are mainstream enough within our society that Mr Wilders and Mr Baudet are making the effort to respond to them.

This afternoon I got to talk to a colleague.She appeared to come from Colombia. And immediately burned a question on my lips, whether it was really true?

No not the cocaine cultivation.The fact that on the Atlantic coast of Colombia sex with donkeys is very common.

Yes you read it right, sex with asses.A large proportion of men has his first sexual experience with an ezelin, to practice for later with real women. Some men like it so well that they prefer asses over women. There is even a donkey’s brothe in Colombia.

Ezelinnen Brodeel Colombia in Trek

A burqa bear and that should apply to me for any face covering that make people unrecognizable, such as integral helmets, niqabs and the like.

Talk about money.

‘ How much do you earn? ‘ Here you do not talk about a birthday. With a bank employee you can talk about it when you request a mortgage.

Talking about sex.‘ Is your wife delicious? ‘ You really can’t ask for this. Yet there are many cultures that are more easily talked about here, especially women and men among themselves. It can even be very difficult for partners to talk about the sex they have together.

Sex you do, but you don’t talk about it.It’s going to be okay.

Yes, yes…

This is really nonsense.Sex is a taboo everywhere, in some groups less that others. In The Netherlands one can talk about sex quite easily, except maybe between children and parents.

Talk about religion.I do have all thoughts and ideas. How would they see it now? But I ask nothing. Also in good acquaintances I do not question their (at) faith.

My rationale is that all belief may be nonsense, to all unbelief is also nonsense.People go to the movie so why shouldn’t they go to church? You are not always talking about the fact that this or that film is only nonsense. No, you say that this film or book has made a lot of impression. Usually you do not ask any further. People undergo a film just as they undergo a religious spectacle.

But good.I believe that these are the three main taboos. Money, sex and religion. Also the three things I’m most curious about.

I am a little hollandofiel myself and am a Belgian. A Dutchman knows no taboos, has no style and is neither ashamed nor politeness.That runs around is often quite a bit clup but make a friendly impression on me.

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