What if a black hole is the iris of another organism from a higher dimension?

What if the TOILET Bowl is the iris of another organism from another dimension?

Everyone will say that it is a stupid question, because almost everyone knows what a TOILET pot is, how it works, and what it serves.I have used this this morning, and I am sure I was not in someone’s iris too * * * * * * * * *.

Of black holes We also know what they are.We know how they are formed, and how they work. To then suddenly put all the common and proven theories on board, and then to go out of a theory that comes from the colorful fantasy of a bad sci-fi writer, I don’t succeed.

Black Hole-Wikipedia

Theory of relativity-Wikipedia


The Compare is Mank.The iris is the circular muscle to the pupil, not the whole eye.

Black hole:

So if you want to make a comparison with an eye, it is a better comparison to make the following compare:

Pupil = Event Horizon

Yellow stain = Singularity

Iris = Drive (accretion disc),

Pupillary zone = Photon sphere

Pupillary boundary = Innermost stable orbit

Cyclops = Relativistic jet

Well, whether you have smoked too much or I don’t have enough for this question.

What if… Yes then we are still what we are only watched.

In any case, it has been proved with certainty that there are other dimensions.

It’s nice to know.

Then there are a lot of creatures from another dimension around us, there are many black holes around us.

But just a question: * IF * A black hole would be an iris, where is the rest of that organism?

Now you can only really get scared.

Or you search the Internet for what is known about black holes.

Then you suddenly sleep a lot better.

Wild theories without any evidence can be removed without any evidence, if you continue to think even in blind panic.

Then that organism is Harsstikke dead.Independently of the dimension, space time flexes strongly enough to tear that organism to pieces and to sip.

I guess… I am not a naturalist.

Everything is possible, but I do not feel good about it if I would answer yes, I don’t think so, that is what is far fetched especially now that we know there are so many.

That’s not so because then you should occasionally see sunglasses on that black hole.Many black holes are also visible In Africa.

And that this organism is again part of an organism from a higher dimension, etc.Etc. (An infinite cycle)

That we, the people (and the other forms of life that live again in a lower dimension), are the bacteria of Earth and the black Hole is the gate (where time stands still) to a higher dimension.

And that the organisms from these higher dimensions (Aliens/extraterrestrial life/God (en)) can observe “us”.With a kind of advanced telescope. Compare it with as we can look at bacteria that live in the second dimension.

I’ve recently watched that model and it doesn’t seem like an eye.More like a kind of anus. Luckily it is far away, otherwise we will flush to another universe.

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