What historical mistakes do people seem to repeat over and over again?

In difficult times, they repeatedly fall on “right-brown scorched” rat-catchers, because they offer very simple solutions for very complex topics.
Only, there are no “easy” solutions to very difficult problems.

Take this unspeakable slogan as an example: foreigners out!
Now try to imagine that from one day to the next,
ALL foreigners from Germany would have disappeared.

Immediately, stante pede, Germany would be broken!bankrupt!
ALL “foreign” specialists, doctors, computer specialists, skilled workers, etc
would NOT be replaced with Germans.Where should they come from?
By 2021, more than half of Germans are over 50 years old!
Do you think there will be another medicine or computer science?

All social security systems would be bankrupt immediately!!
Millions of contributors would be eliminated.After 4 weeks, the
Social security funds, health insurance, pension schemes and unemployment insurance sans and no more money.The only salvation would be an IMMENSE state NEW DEBT.
And how long does that last?
Until every German has 5 children at once??

The foreigners take the work away from us!
That’s just, quirky, right-brown, cock!!

Many jobs are done by foreigners for which Germans are too bad.Where do you get your shoes to patch up? Who runs the vegetable shop on the corner, which is open until late in the evening? Who cleans the offices at night? If one thinks of the foreigners, there are only two solutions: either these activities fall away – Germany would become dirtier and life much more strenuous.
Or the wage level in these jobs would have to rise in such a way that it is no longer payable for the middle class!

All of this would result in total economic damage.
Our society depends on foreigners in many areas. For example, few people know that most German cars are designed by foreigners.Finance would also be affected. Experts predict the immediate stock market crashin this scenario.It would also be necessary to accept the brain drain of large banks and companies.
Many companies regarded in Germany are held to a high proportion by foreign owners. At Daimler, for example, this is 63 percent, at Eon 70 percent, at Bayer and Deutsche B枚rse even more than 80 percent.German government bonds are also held by more than 60 percent of foreign investors.

Then, the poor hooligans….!
Immediately 228 Bundesliga players would be missing!!

A “Germany without …”
has already existed in reality.

That’s all gone into your pants!
Some experts say that this thought game can only be compared to the extermination of Jews in the Third Reich and the consequences for the country.
To this day, the country has not quite coped with this bloodletting of ideas, cultural influences and people.
Not only artists, but also a myriad of German (Jewish) scientists had to leave the country!
In Germany, Jewish scientists were expelled from universities.By the end of the 1930s, more than 100 physicists and mathematicians had followed Einstein’s example and emigrated to the United States.
As a result, physics collapsed in the old world.
Who has benefited immensely from this?Well, the USA!!
How stupid the fascists are….and were!
Klaus Fuchs, a physicist, had to leave Germany.
Hans Bethe, physicist,(half-Jew) had to leave Germany.
Enrico Fermi, mathematician and physicist (1936 Nobel Prize)
had to leave Italy!All three were the key forces for
the Manhattan Project!!
The atomic bomb!
One can actually even speak of luck that the Nazis were so scared!!

And today without foreigners?Could this be compensated for?

Clearly, no.
There is also a significant difference from the situation after 1945.
We live in a connected world where the exchange of people and ideas is becoming more and more important.If this were to be torn apart, one would catapult oneanother out of the world community.
That would be the downfall of the country.
In the end, Germany is a rapidly aging, culturally impoverished, economically perisive hull state that would be pityed by its neighbors and the world.

The brown rat catchers…..
They just want to go to the meat pots!They just want to “get to power” and replenish their own accounts! And the useful idiots who believe every crap that’s on Facebook help them do that. A criminal like Bachmann in Dresden, who now wants to enter the European Parliament for the AfD. Why do you think so? He is against the EU!! Well, such a Member of the European Parliament deserves really well!
Then he could better pay his heavy fines for incitement to the people….. a nepotism like Gauland….Etc…

You see this best in the US.Trump doesn’t have “the people” behind him.
He has the bottom set of the social it behind him!The “white trash”!
He confirms their prejudices and because they are too stupid to recognize this, they cheer him on.

that’s why:
Don’t let the “right-brown” idiots tell you anything!
Not that foreigners are to blame for everything, nor that Germany would be better off without foreigners!

The “leaders” of the brown groups know all this.
So why are they telling the stupid voice-over something completely different?
Because they let themselves be swept up by the “fear”!They deliberately lie to people out of lust for money and power!!
Listen to the speeches of NAZI-H枚cke!!And watch him do it.
He is drunk by his own “v枚lkische” pathos!His speeches were full of hatred for inciting the masses with the IQ of room temperature.
They are then supposed to do the dirty work on the street.Light asylum seeker homes, beat foreigners and “leftists” together, etc.

Of course, he doesn’t say explicitly: Go and do this and that….
But the mass psychological tricks he uses have been
G枚bbels well known.And that’s exactly what he’s using!

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