What have you felt most guilty about during or after gaming?

The culprit was often more in the ‘ Sneaky Doorlevelen ‘.You often play with friends, I like to have the highest level. Now no more though, but when I was younger I hung up my life there-I also want to be good at something! At one point I stopped, it didn’t hit anywhere and I only felt rotten about it and went to argue with others thereby.

Furthermore, I take what I do, whatever it is, so also gaming, very seriously.I’ve played the DPS in a team for a long time because I didn’t dare to bear the life of others as a tank or healer. As DPS, I did not paint well. It’s boring, you have to keep your focus while it’s repetitive. The latter is really killing for my focus. I am someone who remains stable in crisis 100%. How wilder the surroundings how calmer I become. Eventually I took the naughty shoes and chose a healing class. A whole new world opened to me. ‘ Nobody dies on my watch ‘ was my credo and I also cared for that. The nicest thing was that in PVP-it could really make a match or crack a good healer. I was everywhere, with my fondness for patterns I could have looked at them soon to predict where my fellow players and enemies would be. I was there too. The best thing was the PVP in SWTOR and Rift, both of them had another take on PVP, other than for example World of Warcraft. I still play Elder Scrolls online now and again, since it also has a whole different method, which was fun to get out of!

Well, where I felt really very guilty about one time in Ulduar was a 10 or 15 man raid with the guild.I don’t remember exactly, it’s really that long ago. Enfin-in the middle of the fight, I had to sneeze. Such a long irritating nies, Jacobs with such a buildup. When I opened my eyes, my image was filled with ‘ WTF! ‘ and ‘ What happened?!! ‘ and ‘ Where are the heals at?!
There had found a wipe place.Everyone was dead.

‘ Sorry guys, I sneezed.. ‘

We laughed hard, but I felt very guilty.

Feeling guilty about it is more common, but that has become less as I grew older.However, there is 1 specific situation that I want to share.

I have 1 times my stomach feel inside out after I figured out what I had done in the game.Afterwards I have not made anything like that.

We write somewhere in the period 2006-2010.In This game there were two fighters guilds who competed with each other. One was the traditional guild, the other was the newcomer. As a character you are in the traditional and it is your job to find out what the secret is behind the success of the other. The answer becomes clear when you are infiltration; A “magical drink”. During the mission that follows on taking this drink, you are killing a village with goblins, one of the many enemies in this game. But there is some strange thing when you play this mission, they are not hostile and they do not fight back.

However, you cannot ignore it, you will have to fight.

Afterwards you will be back with your traditional guild and you will be instructed to find out what really happened to the village.You will find out where the goblins have landed on the floor, there are bodies of ordinary people, the villagers.

The awakening of the fact that I have murdered innocent villagers under the influence of-HISTSAP-did not only make me feel bad, but also made me physically inpassable.I felt my stomach hitting double and turning inside out (no vomiting).

I never made it so violently elsewhere.Only in “The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion” at the “Infiltration” quest. What a masterpiece.

I never felt guilty of gaming.Not even if I can cheesen the system for profit.

In Fallout 2 I had the children patch installed and immediately shot all the kids.Found out that a nice child killer perk was stuck. Was then hunted by Bountyhunters. But late game are those worthless. On some weapons and ammunition after.

I even went back to Fallout 1 because I hate the NCR and got Tandi shot by the head and shady Sands turned into a ghost town.Pure so I could hold a head canon where the NCR never originated.

High Fantasy Games (Baldurs Gate, NWN, etc) on the other hand make me almost always play the good guy automatically.But even then if I am having some trouble playing the villain I never do that with guilt.

Neopets Vroegah.As soon as it got bored I threw et beast away and chose a new one.

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