What has shown you that your partner is the right one?

I can only say how someone conquered me.

at 23 I was single again .

with child.

as I’ve told me before, what the hippie era is.

I went to the countryside with my friend Christina.

it had such a typical Tuscany house with an arch in front of it, under which one could sit and a large fireplace in the living room.

she also had a child, a son.

he is paraplegic today, but at that time he was still jumping around.

She picked me up by car from the bus in the village.

I came into her living room and there were two angry-looking guys sitting there.


who is that ?

that’s Xavi and Uri,says Christina.

They have hacked up at Giovanni (their neighbor, five kilometers far) wood for money.

he had caught her camping wildly on his land.

now they are ready.

they are Spaniards.

both in their early twenties.

Xavi is blond and he lacks a toothat the front.

he has long hair and muscles.

Uri is long and lanky and has black long curls and lovely eyes.

he also has bad teeth, but at least he has them all.

Giovanni is also coming, says Christina.

I’ve hearda lot from him.

he studied herbalism and lives on the mountain.

an hour later, he is also there.

he is older.

end twenty.

it looks extremely sensitive and has a long beard, hair thin, brown and already a little shaken.

glasses .

good teeth, but a gap between the front teeth.

it seems shy and insecure.

Xavi and Uri are unplanned and wild.

we make food and sit in front of the fireplace.

later, at night, we go out.

The road is wide.

we walk five hand in hand side by side and Trapani, the tiger, in front.

we have been tinkering.

the moon is bright.

back in the house, we in front of the fireplace.

Christina disappears up the stairs with Xavi.

oh you shit.

I sit there with Giovanni and Uri, stupid cow.

we talk and sit there for many hours.

I want to sink into the ground.

I think what are we doing?

we cannot leave anyone alone.

Finally, bothcaress me.

I’ll let it happen.

we cannot leave anyone alone.

in the next few days both are always with me.

Giovanni and Uri.

it is exhausting.

I try to give both of them the same amount.

they don’t say it.

but the rivalry is in the air.

finally we all go to Florence, to my apartment.

I always lie in bed with two men who poison themselves.

I am torn.

it’s now February.

we decide to go to Venice .


giovanni has a friend where we can sleep.

I drive with him car, , box car, Christina does not come.

xavi and urine drive autostop,as always.

I see them again at the train station in Venice.

uri is far, giovanni is close.

I am on an at-school with him, Giovanni, at noon.

I am walking through Venice.

it’s like a dream.

all are disguised.

everyone celebrates.

many speak to me.

I get to know a great German traveller.

his name is Mark and only feeds on figs and peanuts.

I don’t know how he can be that big.

we go to the bridge.

There he is.

I don’t grasp it.

giovanni is a Twitter creature.

he only has a beard on one side.

on the other, it is shaved and made-up.

at that time there were no sheers and various, officially.

He was the hammer.

he was perfect.

in the city with the madness masks everyone wanted to touchhim.

say, is that real?

I was inlove.

we then met Uri.

but he had no chance.

we have very carefully solvedeverything.

in the evening Giovanni stood with guitar on a barrel in front of my window and sang a love song.

I had almost fallen for it.

and then, sm 8 March.

Women’s Day.

that’s where the Italian women get a mimosa.

I don’t.

I got a mimosatree.

with that my resistance was through.

That’s it.

we stayed together for a few years.

I have never had such a passionate love again.

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