What has permanent damage been made to the relationship with your best friend and you?

Getting a child.

We both got a completely different life.

Although we were both in the weather with bottles until deep into the night, those of her were filled with hops and mine of milk.

I hurried at the end of the day to the shelter to cook, wash, clean up etc.Then at 20h on bed and at 6am turn on for anything that still had to or remained lying.

At the end of the day she moved home, where the food was already ready by her parents.After that she went to sports and still with friends. Somewhere around 22h was the bed time and around 8am back on for a new workday.

Although her life already knows less hop bottles and the household itself is done, that of me is still not much changed on the lack of the bottles of milk after.

The time what we all separate!

I went under through our relationship.

My best friend and I had such a relationship where you sometimes don’t see each other for a year, some periods were even longer.So someone you know your whole life because you literally have to deal with each other from the baby time. Someone you know through and through, you think. Someone for whom you are always ready and by the snow bike if needed. I had a house where I had to quickly get away because of health problems. Her friend was then searching for a free sector property, because Tambawala that is your only possible as a boy amsterdammer. What a confluence of circumstances I thought! I trusted her blind and thought it would be good.

When we lived together for a while I discovered a moisture problem in my bedroom, for that reason I had to leave my previous home too.No problem! Because we had no less than 3 bedroom. We talked or just waiting to switch to see if the repairs had any effect. After several months the problem was not solved and now my lungs started to play again.

In these months, my best friend had also expressed her wish to withdraw from us.Nice I thought, of course you want to live with your friend. The main reason for this was that they could earn a good start with the (under) rental of their own rental house. The moment I really wanted to swap my room, she accused me of boycotting her desires. She was allowed to my bedroom, but who didn’t want them because of the moisture (no, she has no asthmatic bronchitis). At her boyfriend in the bedroom, no no she wanted her own room while she was going to pay considerably less than that her boyfriend and I each did. I accepted it, hoping that the problems in my room would still go on quickly, they didn’t. I got heavy infections where I got antibiotics a my GP said you shouldn’t sleep in that room anymore, then you never recover. I offered to sleep in the living room and tidy up my mattress every morning. They would not be able to use from 23.00 to 07.00 but together they had over 60 m2 at their disposal.

The reaction: We are going to breed your life and certainly not let you sleep. This I believed right away, the relationship between me one their was already deteriorated.While partying through the week, I just had to work 40 hours at the office. They took all of them and whether they had no way through how much sound they were making. And I was a zeik if I said something about it. My work began to suffer. I tried to help her and warn her friend, together she stopped herself full of uppers and downers to maintain their lifestyle and she confided in his knowledge as a MENTAL therapist. I still think he stole medications from his work to take together. As a response, I got comments on what I all did wrong.

I could not help her and she not me, Tambawala just further the Abyss iN.Now back to the fact that I had to have another sleeping spot. I realised that this was not a viable situation. I had the idea that they were trying to work me out and I decided to pick eggs for my money and get my stuff. I have slept with my dog on another girlfriend’s couch for almost 1 year, her know only a few years but she has been more support for me than that skunk whore her whole life. I have not spoken to her for 3 years, but we still share my friends. When I see her I just greet and sometimes even spontaneously give a hug. But not otherwise. Tsja, that love is deep within me and even though I protect myself better, he won’t just go over it. I think that it does not quite realise what I have gone through in that period.

Sometimes I hear from friends that they regret it and miss me.Last I talked to her on the birthday of her (current) friend. She said something she said before in quarrels, but therefore I always took a grain of salt. ‘ I miss our relationship, that it always went so easily. In others, it always takes a lot of effort to keep the relationship right. ‘

That is my value in her life; Nice easy, little maintenance, a friend who is there for her if she needs someone to go out. Sometime I hope that we will have the opportunity to get closer together, even if I consider this opportunity to be nil.Until then I keep pointing my distance.


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