What has humanity still not done right?

Humanity is struggling to live in moderation.
We are simply insatiable and have forgotten that the important thing in life is actually around other things and the beauty is all around us.We take a stand to buy things so that we can indicate to our neighbors so that we can socially take a position on a ladder that is as much as possible above the average of the others. As long as our basic needs are met, we are always poor as long as there are people who are richer than us. Yes, we measure everything in money, even what you can’t buy. No matter what it’s about, it’s always a question of cost in the game. Let us do a tax on CO2 and plastic waste, with money you can certainly buy biodiversity and the climate so that it stabilizes, after all, in our global fantasy world that we have built up and in which everyone believes, we can buy everything.
We drive principles purely out of principle and ride on problems until they fall dead, then find half-hearted solutions so that we can justify ourselves, and if not, we simply pretend to form deadlocked fronts that we conspire to do, even if we are enthusing ourselves. to recognize that it is nonsense and that the truth is somewhere in the middle, and so we argue about the past, rather than finding solutions for the future together in the present.We do work that suits us so straight, instead of living our passions, where we would simply do a thousand times as much, because we do it with passion and absorb it.
Just take the next best chair, a dry bun and a tea, sit in front of the door, smell the scent of the springy mist, taste like the amylase converts the starch into sweet sugar, sees the whole spectrum of colors and wonders things like , why are leaves green and what happens to the rest of the light?Listen out into the world and try to classify the most distant sound you can perceive, feels the air moving, on every single hair. Listen to yourself, why do you think what you think? Isn’t that remarkable that we can do it all? Do you need chips in front of the bell, if you don’t know how they taste anyway? How do they work? Do you need the latest mobile phone, if you only do the things you did with the old one anyway? Do you need a jogging style and a pedometer? Shouldn’t you run for fun rather than because of any metrics? Should you drive to a place where you can really pedal in a closed room when you can discover a whole world outside?
What if you explain physics and chemistry to the children?Building a treehouse? Set up a garden? Helping the elderly cook and shop? Repairing the washing machine for the neighbor? Creating something new out of scrap, which will work for many years to come? Or just sow flowers everywhere while walking? Repairing an old computer and programming software that everyone can use? Standing in the workshop and making “works of art” made of steel and wood, in order to then give them away, sell/exchange or keep them, depending on what you really need at this moment?
The world would not go down the drain if everyone did what lies with him and pursues his destiny, his passion, his dreams.But most are discouraged because they can’t get rid of defending a position in a game that they think they absolutely need. Each of us has only this one life. Of course, we should always act in such a way that it is an enrichment for all, for every human being and for every other living being, including one self, that it brings us all forward, but we should as much as possible see that what we do is what we do, that is what we do. so that we do not distract ourselves with the miserable number of unnecessary frills just to the death, only to realize that we have never lived our lives.

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