What has cured your depression?


I have long tried to get rid of my thoughts and simply to displace or forget everything, but through NLP I have learned to transform my thoughts and traumatic experiences in my favor.Those who do not accept this wonderful psychological approach in this day and age will definitely miss a huge opportunity to live a life free of depression.

I have done the following exercises every day, and still do so today, when I am not doing well:

  1. replace traumatic experiences or thoughts with funny images.

You go into a depressed state and think of a picture. Then you open your eyes and focus on a funny picture. I always looked at a picture of chimpanzees eating watermelons when I had thoughts that pulled me down. As a result, I laughed and ridiculed the thoughts and overwritten them with the picture. By interrupting the thought pattern, I managed to take control of the thoughts.

  1. Adopt different perspectives.

You slip out of yourself and watch yourself. Then you observe a counterpart with whom one communicates and finally a third person who is entering the room. What do these two people think about the situation? Often this gives you a solution that can help you.

  1. Write a list of strengths and create a stimulating life metaphor.

Metaphors like: life is a dance, can help to take the circumstances more loosely. “You can’t prevent the storm, but you can learn to dance in the rain.” This internal setting can greatly reduce the pressure! Dancing isn’t about being perfect, it’s about fun. The strengths list ensures that you focus on things that you like to do. And as Tony Robbins used to say so beautifully: “Controlling your focus is the single most important thing in life!”

  1. Acceptance.

Don’t fight your thoughts! Imagine inwardly how they pass through your head as clouds. They come and go. The sky is always blue, nothing changes in this color. Even if it is covered from time to time, you only have to look over these clouds and recognize the true beautiful color again. Thank you internally for the fact that the thoughts obviously want to tell you something, but you don’t have to take them all seriously. Just let them go again. This openness will make you much calmer and the thoughts don’t have such enormous power and impact, because you give them attention anyway. Only which ones you really let at you will ultimately decide your heart. And the head definitely has no influence on this.

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