What has a boss ever said or done that made you decide to resign?

She didn’t want me to help a heavily depressive, spanned and re-integrating colleague.She wanted this colleague to drop stitches to dismiss her but by me she apparently kept it full.

After I was promoted to Teamleader, I had to get down from my director, the annual evaluation scores of a few people from my team, or give other people a bad evaluation.

Reason: The overall score of the team should not exceed a certain value, although during evaluation trainings and in HR policies it is stated that the direct chef must independently assess his people, and there is no type of Gauss curve at all Within which each team must fall.
So if you have the “bad luck” that there are a few very good people in your team, those people shouldn’t be rewarded for that, unless you give someone else who doesn’t deserve a low score.

First I got a call from HR stating that I had to get the scores down, if I then confronted them with the evaluation policy, and asked to put on paper that the scores of a team had to fall within a Gauss curve , a little uncomfortable was turned around the pot, I never received those papers, so the scores didn’t change either.

Then I was called to the director, who told me I had to adjust the scores, I informed him that I was not going because those people deserved the double and fat to get a good evaluation score.

He then threatened to drastically reduce my own (good) evaluation score if I did not lower the good score of those fine employees.
I told him that he had to do that, and then applied in another department of the company.

‘, ‘ My ex-boss has ever asked me to pass on all the logins and passwords of all our users to him.I was then responsible for IT. After this question, which I answered him negatively, I started looking for another job. I have also informed the honourable Members of this question. This was IMHO a serious breach of their prvacy.

“,” In the early days of the mobiles, when the thing was still heavily weighed and too big for your pocket, my sister called up to say that it went bad with my mother.I was sitting on that momen almost in a bag filler machine at a feed factory.

Of course I immediately pressed the big red button and stopped the machine.The machines in the manufacturing chain also fell silent, just like the palletmachine behind me. The entire production unit was auromatically interrupted.

My direct chef came on me running off with a red head and raised fists.He ordered me to regain the machine immediately, and I refused. I was still sitting in my place, shaking the terror and almost in shock. When I told him that my mother was sick and to leave early to go to the hospital, he railed me the skin full and said that I could not stop everything for that!

I climbed with difficulty from my working chair and, still on trembling legs, went upright.I told him that I was not the safest person on this machine, that I could not operate the machine anymore.

“Just take a ten minute break and come back, I have to produce!” was the answer.

I then walked away and called the employment Agency to explain the situation, along the way to the hospital.Of course, the agency gave me immediate, paid leave! (Thank you so much!) With my mother it has come well.

At a company I worked with a long time ago, a fear culture was going on.Moreover, there were people who did not hear in their place. As the CFO there. At a time when a forensic investigation was underway (in which I was involved), the debt of corporate espionage was deposited with someone from my department, of which an external and internal team had jointly determined that he could not be. In addition, we had found the leak a day later and fixed it all in report. However, the CFO didn’t want to hear anything, the man had to look. I then went to the CFO and said that he was the CFO and not the CEO (saying I didn’t have a message to his threats about lawsuits) and had to keep reading. Because the man in question was in a divorce period and was heavily introverted, the pressure has ensured that he stepped up. As a result, I immediately submitted my resignation the next day (after having given the CEO that his company was at the bottom of the sow). I was seemingly not the only one. Another 3 colleagues were following my example, which the CEO pressed the facts and finally the CFO was put on a non-active (together with associates he used to exert pressure on people).

I can’t work in an environment that stands for unfairness.Certainly not when it comes to others. I know of myself what the truth is and not. For others, that is not always clear. I would rather make sure it remains fair to them.

I sometimes had to do some recruitment in addition to my regular work.If there were any comments, then I had to filter out who was/is not suitable. There my boss had quite separate opinions about it. In short, I was asked to profile ethnically. After a good sermon about why I am not ethically responsible, I am going to search for a new job immediately.

It still amazes me that these kinds of scenes are still taking place and are being wiped out under the excuse “it’s just business.” Rot on.

On the bulletin board at the coffee machine, Monday morning, in all early, an announcement of a Masters course at one of the Dutch universities that aroused my interest.I took the details of how I had to apply to be allowed to participate in that training. When I spoke to a few colleagues, they unanimously said that this was my body. I did the application in the prescribed way.

The next day I had to come to my boss who asked me how I had heard of that training.I told him of the announcement on the bulletin board. He said that it was not intended that this announcement should be suspended there. Later I heard that Mr N., who himself was an extraordinary professor in part-time at the relevant department, who had hung announcements on his own, to anger the management. (I noticed later on the previous day that the announcement was no longer visible on the bulletin board.) In any case, my boss shared me, I did not qualify. I asked him why not. Therefore, the answer was not. When I discussed the case later that day with a few colleagues, one of them told that a. would go to that training. Annoyance everywhere. As another noted, A. In the 5 years that he worked the company had spent about half of his time walking with courses and training courses and was what he had shown in the other half determined not impressive. “But yes,” said another, “A. is good at management.” And I was not the implicit notice.

That was on Tuesday.Friday afternoon my phone went. It was a headhunter who wanted to make an appointment with me. At our meeting during that appointment during the week he told me that he had heard through some rumors.

Again a week later I had a job interview and the same evening call an offer.When it was all around, I wrote a letter of resignation and put it on my boss’s desk early in the morning. In the middle of the morning I got a phone call that I immediately had to come to the manager of the business unit. Whether or not this was good for him, he asked. The weird thing was that when I explained it to him, he didn’t understand anything.

A bit of a complicated story.I was sitting at a company in the O.R. the director came into a meeting there and reported that he was planning to take over our biggest customer. This customer was part of a much larger company.

Coincidentally, I had been on location for a few weeks at this customer and I had suspected that the ‘ much larger company ‘ used the customer as a deathhouse construction: all sorts of expensive but not so very competent people were from other Business units pushed in.

I still carefully tried to warn the O.R., but that did not feel any resonance.Then I knew I had to make that I came away. So said, so done.

A year or two later I came across an ex-colleague.It was indeed a complete havoc, in which my successor was forced redundancies…

In addition to my frustration with the absence of career opportunities, I also had stronger reservations about certain unethical practices of my boss.

The introduction of life settlement transactions that many investors have yielded big losses and which have already clearly turned out in the beginning.But that was not the fault of my boss, oh no, others had the mess when they got the deals. He even went so far as to blame my predecessor. While he really formed the drive behind it.

Non-compete clauses are difficult in Luxembourg, but what did the boss do instead?Non-application clauses in agreements with customers, a tactic that was clearly aimed at preventing employees from changing jobs (at least if they switched to a customer). As if they were from the Middle Ages.

Promotions continued on the basis of favoritism.Competence was not really important, many with the right people in the pub do hang.

And further just the biggest * * * * of Luxembourg are:)

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