What happens when you pull together with a narcissist?

Then you are doomed.He, the N. will use and control you. He gets to know your weaknesses pretty much quickly. Even your desires, which he can totally ignore after dragging you to his hell. Now you’re a great toy. He tries to play his games with you as he pleases. Since you don’t know them, you often walk them on the glue. Much to the amusement of the N.

After a relatively short time you notice that the soul partner is swallowed up by the earth.Maybe you need some time to understand that it never happened. What sits in front of you every day is reality. Sometimes, when the N. realizes that you want to leave, you get this soul mate delivered again. But only until you function again.

Since it is always you who are to blame for all disputes, you gradually begin to doubt yourself.You want to prove that you can maintain harmony. But now he manipulates you in such a way that you rush out with every little thing. He presses the button and you work. Much to his delight. It’s a fat supply to see you freakout. Even if you are desperate or sad or even have to have relationship conversations and he sees this and can refuse it to you, he gets fed up.

Sometimes he makes you rest, but he only does that so that you come to new powers and so gradually he sucks you more and more empty and empty and at some point he looks for a new soul partner.Because you have to understand this too, you can’t love a frack like you.

Then everything goes very fast,

“And you find yourself full of emotional pain, pain that you may not know, but it is very cruel pain and no painkiller helps against it.Cold withdrawal.

Sure, he will come forward and you will be immediately pain-free.Right away. And the game starts from the beginning.

Or you can pull together with him, set clear rules and be careful that they are being complied with.Every subtle insult, humiliation you have to counter immediately, here humor helps excellently. Any manipulation that you see through you have to hide, you don’t want to perfect it. As if he were trying to manipulate you but react confidently and with the calm of a Buddah. Avoid mirroring it. Avoid expecting something and live your life unabashedly. Set personal limits, far the most than other people. Yes, it’s stupid to keep your partner at a distance, but he’ll want you for that. He will want you to be his full possession. So he will always try to weave you in like a spider the fly and try to suck at you. You have to pay attention to that. Every minute, every breath, you will develop extraordinary skills in terms of mindfulness. But it annoys with time. It’s just annoying and it’s a waste of time, so you’re looking for your own apartment and you’re going to move out again. Now he wants you even more and so gradually he loses his charm, his wit and also the special, he does not hold it through. But because he has to, he has to win, he can’t leave you anymore.

Then you wait for his criese and sticking him to think about himself.Set up new rules and pay embarrassment to everything he promises to be implemented. So he will be able to slowly realize what it is for a sausage and ja’ the laaange path to the mainland begins.

Good luck

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