What happens to human consciousness after death?

Unfortunately, spiritual energy is not a mythical energy field.respectively. if it is, it is in a form of energy that we do not know. But what there is is the energy that is continuously generated in our neurons. However, this is constantly regenerated from chemical energy in mitochondria. They use our food and oxygen to produce energy. In this case, an electrochemical impulse in response to a chemical synapse signal, these are the places where the end of one nerve is very close to another, and whose gap is bridged with neurotransmitters. Like ferries between which a Hyperloop runs. (By the way, it is assumed that this cell can be traced back to the electroactive cells of a protojelly.)

The neuroelectric energy is then in fact something like the mental energy.

However, it is not comparable to a liquid in a vessel, but rather to the music in an organ. This has a physical component, the air that moves through the pipes and produces a result at the end of the pipe, and an informative content that generates an interpretable content from the air flow. The music. Or, in our case, the function of our brain and CNS.

The energy, however, is an endless series of newly generated impulses.In each neuron, a new part of the thought or mind arises. When we die, we are no longer able to supply our neurons with fuel and oxygen. The last neurons fire off their last salute and then also go the way of everything earthly. The spiritual energy transforms into thermal energy and slowly spreads in the universe.

So much for the practical answer.But how could a life after death work now? Could mental energy leave the body? No, unfortunately not.

But, I could imagine one possibility.As already mentioned, the function of the brain has a physical and an informative component. The Holy Spirit [1) is described in the Christian faith as a touch or the Spirit of God.Something that’s everywhere. Along with omniscience, I would be on a (if any) spatially limited) field, which maps all quantum mechanical processes in it, and makes it possible to evaluate and store them. Since pretty much every thing that happens to our world can be re-imaged in this way, this includes the structure and function of our body, including the brain and CNS. Whether intentional or not, a ‘shadow’ copy of our mind is formed in this context. One could also call this our immortal soul. Definitely much more immortal than our body. The physical energy would thus pass away while the informative context would be preserved. In another matrix, e.g. a virtual one, this information could continue to function and theoretically live on. For everything that killed us only killed the body and ended the energy production (with us), the information and its structure (or the soul) were preserved.

PS: If you want to know more about how nerves work: Fully under power – how neurons communicate


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