What happens if the AFD wins the 2021 election?

Apart from the fact that this will not happen (yet a sufficiently large part of the electorate has enough brains to realize that the AfD does not offer any viable solutions!) an extreme division of society would probably result.

If the AfD had the opportunity to govern alone or as a senior partner of a coalition, it would have to deliver on its election promises, either well or badly.Here is a slightly satirical version of an “alternative Germany”:

  1. Leaving the EU, or at least the euro.

with unforeseeable consequences for Germany and Europe.

  • Border controls, which would arise by themselves if they left the EU anyway, also with serious consequences for the movement of goods.
  • As a reminder: we live from exports…

  • Ending immigration and repatriating all immigrants without the right to asylum.
  • I would like to see them do that. What do they do if no country wants to take in the immigrants concerned, because their origin cannot be determined due to lack of papers? Or if, despite papers, the home country refuses to accept them? Would be nice to see how “sovereign” an AfD government masters this…

  • Abolition of gay marriage… Although the AfD reportedly has no prejudices against homosexuals, they are against gay marriage.
  • So get away with it, right?

  • Probably our children would have to learn Russian instead of English at school, we would then only buy Russian oil, Russian weapons and Russian gas, Vladimir Putin gets his own villa in Berlin, at the state expense.
  • Development aid will be abolished, or
  • is diverted to Russia, where the money benefits true friends.

  • Germany leaves NATO and asks Putin for protection as part of a German-Russian non-aggression pact… the Putin-H枚cke Pact.
  • Poland is asking for the permanent deployment of several American armoured divisions, because the Poles have a good memory.

  • The general duty of service is reintroduced, those who do not want to join the Bundeswehr must go to the Federal Labour Service, unless they have a scholarship from a Russian university.
  • The Scouts are dissolved, instead there is the H枚cke-Youth or
  • the Bundesm盲dels, where our Maiden sit again, learning what makes a good German woman.

  • After 3 years there is a “Federal Crescent Night”, all over Germany mosques and doner stalls are burning, Turkish vegetable traders are boycotted, who nevertheless buy there, is excluded from the “people’s community”, i.e. mobbed and beaten up, the children in the School bullied.
  • As a result, all Muslims must wear red crescents on their clothes, Africans additionally or alternatively a yellow banana…
  • The “mainstream media” are switched on, every publication on radio, television or the Internet must first be approved by the Federal Press Chamber.
  • There are exceptions only for the “Junge Freiheit” and the “Deutsche Nationalzeitung”, whose editor-in-chief is the great-grandson of an unspecified editor of the “V枚lkische Beobachter”.

  • The protection of the constitution must monitor all parties except the AfD, especially the radical left parties such as the SPD, the Greens and Die Linke.
  • Members of the aforementioned parties are no longer allowed to work in the civil service, and are also banned from working in all areas except waste collection and cleaning.
  • The Catholic and Evangelical Church is forbidden, Germany becomes Russian Orthodox.
  • Crucifixes in public buildings are replaced by reproductions of icons, or portraits of Vladimir Putin.

  • The BND is officially affiliated to the FSB, in the course of the German-Russian friendship.
  • The MAD is dissolved, but the NKVD now “looks after” our troops, even for nothing…

  • Daimler-Benz is being nationalized and affiliated with SIL so that Putin finally gets a reasonable “Russian” state car.
  • So, someone else would like to vote AfD…?

    With German greeting… uh, sorry, it’s not over yet, so just chess… 😀

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