What happens if I don’t eat carbohydrates for three weeks?

One thing in advance: Passing can be anything – it can be unworkable for you and you have to cancel the whole thing, or it can have been one of the best decisions in your life for you.

In any case, it is important to be clear as to why we want to do this, and at least to have it medically clarified whether this makes sense.Otherwise, the shot can also backfire!

  1. It is important to distinguish whether you are just in a KH-reduced / free diet (protein percentage normal / high), then you still stay in the sugar metabolism!
  2. If you are on a “proper” fat-based diet (“Ketogenic diet”), then the proportion of the diet is about at least.

65% fat to max. 35% protein.

  • If this is the case, after a few days of recomhabitation, the body has learned to make ketone bodies with which it can now provide the energy.
      • It may be that you initially have quite a concentration problem / so-called.

    “Brain Fog” because your body and brain are glucose-adapted and are used to sugar metabolism, now need to find an alternative.

  • Now that you no longer add carbohydrates, the body must naturally learn to provide its energy differently – the proportion of sugar metabolism to fat metabolism shifts to the latter.
  • You may no longer have cravings because your fat metabolism works well and constantly feeds you with energy from your adipose tissue, which is a much larger store store than that of glycogen stores in muscles and liver.
  • It may be that you experience mentally completely clear and an incredible flow state (after some time), at the beginning you may have difficulty concentrating and headache / “brain fog”.
  • There can be a short-term, heavy weight loss, because with the consumed carbohydrates also water that is stored with glycogen is excreted – you just become lighter, but therefore no fat is lost.
  • You can cure a possible insulin resistance (pre-diabetes)because you can finally consume the steady stream of free fatty acids as intended – or you can grow one (because the body may “forget” to metabolize KH, when you eat which ones again).
  • These are just a few of the things that come to mind.3 weeks is really not a long time and I suspect that the body is then only “really” used to the KH deficiency.

    Once again, it is important to be clear why you want to do this, and at least to have it medically clarified whether this makes sense.

    It can be very helpful over a certain period of time, but also done some things go wrong and could drive the metabolism to the wall.

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