What happens if a narcissist can’t control you?

The narcissist will do one or many of the following things if you go on their bullshit and find that they have no control over you:


You will do everything in your power to overthrow you, humiliate you, and destroy your reputation for other people.Especially the people you have in common with them. You will use any private information they have about you and turn the truth into something that makes you look like your horrible. You are master ful of masking the smear campaign and shit when they care about you in “care”. They do this to feed on the compassion of others, and in this way they engage others in their psycho-plans to destroy your reputation.


If they realize that there is no way to control you to the point where they realize that they will gain nothing by participating in you, they will disappear completely and find a new source of narcissistic care.In this case, you are definitely lucky. This is the ideal situation when it comes to narcissism.


You will play the poor first-man game.They will tell everyone they know who will hear them make fiction appear to others as reality by making themselves someone who has been abused. Most of the time they will reflect what they have done to you and behave as they have done. Because they are aware of the rubbish they have been through, they already have the information they need to talk about how it has “passed” them.


You will not accept NO as an answer.You will try to do everything to keep control of you because they do not accept that you will not allow you to control you. Because they are watered down in their heads, they will not shy away from anything they do not belong to. Whether you turn up at your job, try to steal the person you meet, be unannounced at your home, share your personal and financial information with others, they won’t shy away from anything to be in your life, no matter how much They expelled them and said NO to them.

鈥斺€斺€斺€? things you can do to keep the situation under control 鈥斺€斺€斺€?/b>

  • DOCUMENT EVERYTHING – no matter how big or small, keep track.

The more you document their behavior and behavior, the more you have to act against them and protect yourself.

  • GO ABSOLUTE NO CONTACT– even the smallest attention?
  • You are being hunted by you with what you have given them.

  • CALL THE AUTHORITIES – Although it is difficult to issue protection orders, etc.
  • against the narcissist because they are masters to ensure that they remain under the radar, the more you have documented, the more you can provide to the authorities once they have messed them up in their attempts, so you can put them on the wall nail when they do.

  • STAY PRIVATE AS POSSIBLE Be aware of who they are surrounded by.
  • It could be a person who isn’t even that close to you or them, but remember that monkeys fly everywhere.

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