What happens after our death?

The biggest steps I like to give you here:

  • The Angel of Death Comes and Death Occurs
  • ….various intermediate steps
  • The dead man is placed in the grave
  • The grave is buried
  • The dead man hears the steps from the listeners and also the crying.

This is difficult for him, so you should pull yourself together at the grave

  • The dead man is set up and questioned by angels who his God is, what his religion is, and what he knows to say about the Prophet Mohammed.
  • The dead can speak nothing but the truth, as if automatically. He can’t lie.

  • The soul is taken.
  • Easy when man was good, hard when man was bad.

  • Angels rise for a while with the good or
  • to God to “imagine” it.

  • The souls come back to the tomb and will stay there until the last day. They cannot wander around.
  • Depending on whether man was good or bad, the tomb will be dark and narrow or bright and wide.
  • Some people are already being punished in the grave.
  • In the morning and in the evening the good man is shown his place in paradise and the place he would have had would have gone to hell.
  • And with the bad people, it’s the other way around.

  • The physical body rots, disintegrates.
  • Except for a tiny ankle from the coccyx, which is no bigger than a pea. From this, people will be recreated on the Day of Resurrection. They will grow from it like a flower from a seed.

  • On the Day of Resurrection we will come out of a new earth.
  • Our souls will be paired with new, different bodies. You will be resurrected as you died. And naked. Men with the foreskin.

  • People will be gathered on a wide white plane.
  • There, the sun is drawn up to a few miles and people have to endure 50,000 years under the scorching heat in their own sweat. For some, time will seem like eternal, for others it will seem like a few minutes. Some will stand up to the ankles in sweat, others up to the knees and others it will reach up to the throat.

  • Then comes the day of the most recent judgment, where the scales are set up.
  • The good and bad deeds will then be assigned a physical weight and they will be weighed. Everyone must be accountable according to their actions. He who will get his book of deeds from the front or right goes to paradise. If you get it from behind or to the left, go to hell.

  • To do this, every human being must cross a fine line above hell.
  • The paradise less and very heavy, the inhabitants of hell will fall into the fire.

  • Hell will be full and Paradise will be full.
  • When all men are divided into paradise and hell, death will be slaughtered in the form of a ram. It will no longer exist. Then it is said on both sides: death is no longer, there is eternity.

    That is just a brief summary.

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