What good habits do wealthy people have?

I took out a big life insurance and then thought about taking my life.

Then I lost my house.After that, my marriage broke down and I started drinking. I lost everything. My self-confidence was destroyed. Or I never had confidence…

The tax office was behind me.I had set up a fund that failed. All the assets in my business were lost. I didn’t answer any calls. I got out of the way of everyone. That’s why I lost my friends.

These were the bad habits.

I cannot speak for others.But when I first made a lot of money (over 10 million euros) I had a lot of bad habits.

Money doesn’t make you any better.It also doesn’t make you freer or more popular. It only reinforces what’s already in you.

And his own past often determines the future character.To my misfortune.

But when I lost money the second or third (or fourth time — who remembers that already) I was devastated and just thought, “What the hell.”

How can this happen to me again and again?I earn a fortune every time but why can’t I keep it?

So I made a list of the things I did on the way up.And a list of things on the descent.

It was so simple.Don’t buy self-help programs for the rich from any gurus. I just did the things I did every day on the way up.

I’ll tell you things later.First, I want to tell a different story.

I used the ideas below to make a lot of money starting in 2009 (that was the period when I last went bust.The first time was 2000).

But people keep saying, “It’s easy for you because you already have money.”

So I have to prove myself first.

Bad things always happen, no matter what the circumstances.So bad things happen to me, too. I was heavily invested in a company that was worth millions.

The alleged largest shareholder of the company (I got used to this formulation) has taken a huge sum from the company.No one knew about it and the company was insolvent within weeks.

I have lost several million.

Ironically, I learned of this loss in the studio of the show “The Billionaire.”I can recommend the show to anyone.

I found out in the middle of the day and could hang out with the crew and the presenters of the show for the rest of the day and learn how to produce a TV show.When I told the authors in the evening how much I had just lost, they couldn’t believe it. They said I was as excited and curious in the evening as I was in the morning.


But it swirled around in my head.I said, “Now is the time to practice what I had planned, otherwise I would get serious problems again”.

So I did. A year later, I can say that the results were amazing.The money I had lost was almost entirely back. My relationships were better than ever. So is my health. I was still creative and full of gratitude. I was especially grateful for my past self, who gave me this advice.

Here are my daily habits.

  • Most importantly — don’t think about the past or the future.

I’m just thinking about whether I can live these habits today. I can only control that here and now.

  • Try to get 1% better every day for the following things:
  • Physical health — sleep enough, eat healthily, exercise (that just means enough exercise a day.
  • That doesn’t mean time in the gym).

  • Emotional health
    • Deepening Friendships
    • Get rid of people pulling you down
    • Learn to strengthen your self-confidence from the inside instead of making it dependent on others.

    The others are already fighting enough with themselves and will hardly help you.

  • Love strangers
  • Love your family
  • Don’t be so strict with yourself
  • Mental health
    • Write down 10 ideas every day to train your idea muscle.

    The benefits are enormous. I just sent ten ideas to a 100 billion company just because they asked me to do so. I build networks, make money, create opportunities, become more creative. And all because I write down 10 ideas every day (most of them are terrible).

  • Write, draw, create somehow
  • Mental health
    • Be grateful every day.

    Find something difficult to be grateful for. Like a separation or the loss of money.

  • Financial habits.
  • The above habits are the most important. If I don’t follow them, I’m going to fail. I’ve been through it all the time. But here are my financial habits.

    • Never invest more than 2% of your assets in one thing.

    This also applies to home loan. Or the education of the children. Or private investments. Or stocks.

  • When you invest in a company, the team is more important than the idea or industry.
  • Invest in a person who was previously a successful CEO when other investors (who are smarter than you) are there and when the demographic trend is going up.

  • I keep the rest of the money and use it to invest in myself.
  • I invest in myself with:

    • Experience
    • Education
    • Stories (I do everything for a good story)
  • Books.
  • This is not directly a financial habit. I read a mixture of fiction and nonfiction. It doesn’t matter what you learn. Don’t worry. Something gets stuck.

    Books are a means of learning lifelong experiences in a few days.And you can do it 100 times a year. So (let me calculate this) it’s like living 100 years in a year. Either way, anyway.

    Oh!Another important habit.

    Never, NEVER, blame anyone else for your failure.It’s like giving your confidence into someone else’s hands (the boss, a relationship, etc).

    The only way to find a cure was to get sick.Take responsibility for yourself, then you already know the cure you may need in the future. So you live longer and happier in every way.

    I do another thing every day.Do at least one thing every day that is outside my comfort zone. One challenge per day.

    For example, write a post in which you admit how much money you have lost and is also proud of.To be proud of how much money you have lost from others and at the same time trying to raise money for another project.

    This scares me and is uncomfortable.

    But I want my comfort zone to be as big as possible.So I can live big and help others. I can be myself and be proud of it.

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