What good deeds can be demonstrably attributed to Adolf Hitler?

I have already written it in a comment, but here again for everyone else:

What good deeds did Hitler do?Bullshit!What good deeds, perhaps he stroked his shepherd dog?

Whether a mass murderer may not have tormented his employees is completely irrelevant.

This, too, is a stupid banter, that he has done something about unemployment, only those who have not dealt with the economic situation at the time can claim. The economy was on the road to recovery when Hitler seized power.

The arrogance with unemployment… clearly he created the labor service, the SS and SA were paid and more soldiers were trained again!

Now comes the thought of the motorways: to this day, many believe that Adolf Hitler invented the motorway.

The motorway idea had already been developed in 1925 in the Frankfurt “Economic Office” under Lord Mayor Ludwig Landmann.In 1926, the “Verein zur F枚rderung der Autostra脽e Hamburg-Frankfurt-Basel” (Hafraba) was founded. The Hafraba planned a road network with “completely cross-free roads reserved for motor vehicle traffic alone”. But then the ambitious project was overturned in the Reichstag 鈥?by a coalition of the NSDAP and the KPD.

And already Konrad Adenauer in 1932 the present A 555 between Cologne and Bonn.To be the first to complete a motorway, the National Socialists quickly declared it a country road in 1933.

But Hitler hijacked the idea of Aurobahn and started in Frankfurt: he travelled for the first groundbreaking ceremony in the media (the good man)

At best, 125,000 workers were employed on the construction sites, if the subcontracting industry is to be counted on around 250,000.

But he did really good and built useful facilities for him: he built the concentration camps

and put more money into the armor.

Anyone who knows no economic facts of the time and then talks about self-worth, honour, people and fatherland does not know what he is talking about.

National pride does not require an asshole and criminals like the foreigner Hitler and his brown Meschpoke (respect Jewish word).

He and his fellow gangsters were inhumane, drug-addicted egomaniacs/narcissists.

Look at this honor and pride, for there are those who are on the way again

I have a better alternative for Germany! Democracy!

Hitler and his dog: Kotz!

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